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Sach Ka Samna – Facing the bitter truth

Star plus recently unveiled the Indian version of America’s famous show ‘Moment of Truth’, kindling a great amount of controversies. In terms of the rate of fascinated viewers the show rocks like the original one, but every viewer will have a question in his/her mind on viewing the show; “How would I answer that question?”. Most of the questions asked during the show are very much personal and often embarrass the contestants that divulging truth may put many of their relations at risk, and may perhaps burn many houses.

The reason is very simple. In spite of all the candidness that every man or woman show, most of us have one thing or the other to hide in life, and the questions asked during the show targets on those hidden truths of ours. We say we have nothing to hide, but ultimately find that we are constantly hiding something or the other, even to ourselves.

The show literally strips off the veil that we use to cover the unpleasant truths of life, literally a ‘real eye-opener’. Questions like “Are you still married to your husband for the sake of your children?” would make any one’s lips quiver, especially when the contestant has to answer it in front of his/her family.

It is said that a polygraph test is conducted on the contestants, before the airing of the show, to check his/her responses and reactions to the questions, and will be compared to the ones that they say during the airing of the programme. If the answers don’t match, the contestant loses out and has to leave the show carrying along with him/her the possibility of a big fissures one of the much cherished relationships in life.

I don’t think that an Indian version of this show is going to invite more contestants, as most of the Indians won’t be happy to disclose too much of their personal life. ***

*** Regarding those who concentrate just on the money…. Absolutely no guarantee, as they may agree for to face such questions.

The so called polygraph test that the channel conducts also doesn’t seem foolproof to me.

Altogether, the greed for money is making certain people compromise on their relations, while the whole world enjoys the spicy inside stories of a person’s life.

Well, the participants just don’t do it out of the sincere desire to be honest, right? All for money dude… just money!!!

My heart goes out…

What if you lose your breath for a second?

I always think about this whenever I see photographs taken from spots where people die from drowning.

There is a reason to write about the choke that people might have felt during those few seconds before their deaths. It’s a photograph that I saw a few days back which literally triggered my thoughts about the few seconds of sufferings that they might have had before death.

The photograph was taken from the river valley in NY. A plane had nosedived in to the river killing three; and the photo was taken when divers where trying to take out the dead body of a person. His left hand was seen above the water level, as if he had lost his life after a long tug of war with death. Death might have grabbed him, in the midst of his efforts hold the hands of life tightly.

If holding my breath for even a second can literally falter my steps making me fall down in a moment, what would have been the condition of that man, in those few moments? He might have struggled a lot to get out of the murky water, to get a little bit of air. The hand was raised up above the water level, indicating the struggle that he did before surrendering to death, the suffocation that he suffered during those few moments before his death.

I was also thinking about the thoughts that might have gone through his mind during that time. He might have thought about his family whom he is about to leave alone on earth. He might have hoped that someone might help him get out of the muddy water, so that he could breathe, he could walk back to life, meet his family and live with them for a few more years.

I read a news report related to the photograph, the very next day, that a few people had complained about publishing such photographs, about the shock that they can cause. But the news paper alleged that it was the best photo that they could get from the spot.

I am not planning to go deeper in to press ethics or its dos and don’ts, but the photo is truly a shocking and tear-jerking one.

Certain torturing forwards

I have two e-mail ids and three fourth of the mails that get filled in my inboxes are the usual boring forwarded mails, which I delete straight away even without looking at the title. I don’t forward it to any of my friends as most of the forwarded e-mails generally contain weird stuffs and odd introductions like ‘I am going to die soon. Please help me!’ The most important fact that I have noticed in these mails is that most of them will have a virus complimentary, for the people who open them.

It’s very difficult to know the nature of these forwarded emails or to differentiate between problematic and harmless messages. Witty distractions like jokes and articles emails are often harmless. Certain others like lottery wins, PayPal and eBay offers, job alerts, alerts about a missing child, requests to join an online petition should be verified for authenticity, before forwarding. But people hardly bother to check the sender details, and just forward the emails to others.

The recent one I got was in the name of a recruitment firm in Delhi, offering me a job in a university, in the Kingdom of Saudi. There was an attachment along with mail and I was asked to open it to see the details. When I tried to scan the e-mail using the antivirus software an alert popped up saying that the attachment should not be opened, as it contained a malicious program. I deleted the mail immediately. To be frank, I am tired of deleting all these forwards. Wish if I had an option to stop receiving this!

It’s still a puzzle

I had a narrow escape from a job offer. Are you shocked? Please read on

A week back…

I was really happy to see that I was short listed for the post of writers, in one of the sub offices of a famous Australian firm. As usual I had submitted my CV, long back, after seeing their ad in one of the leading dailies. I got a reply from the Australian office, via mail, that I was short listed, and will be contacted soon from the sub office to intimate about the interview. The e-mail also had a long PDF document about the company; rather a little hyped I should say.

Later I got an email from the so called sub office regarding the interview, which was to be held in a convention centre in the city. I was also told that the ‘executive chairman’ of the parent company would be leading the interview board.
I was wondering about the reason of choosing such a venue, as the most of the companies choose their corporate office as the venue of interview.

The strangest thing that I noticed in both the e-mails was that they had only the details of the parent company in their websites, and absolutely nothing about the sub office or the so called ‘executive chairman’, who was going to conduct the ‘interview drama’.

Fortunately the second mail had a mobile number in it. When I dialed that number a lady answered, introducing her as the TL of the sub office. I asked her about the roots of the sub office connecting the parent company and the lack of any information about the ‘executive chairman’ in the websites that I was given. She replied that Australian companies usually don’t give the name of the people behind it; like ‘executive chairman’, in their websites. I was stunned to hear that odd sentence . I have been dealing with websites for for a long time, and have never heard that a company would leave their ‘executive chairman’s’ name from their website.

A line from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ immediately came in to my mind.

‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.’

When I asked about the details and location of the sub office, she started literally stuttering and said that they don’t have a sub office now, and is working from her home far away from the city. Before I could ask her anything more she disconnected the call saying that she was busy.

What more to say…

I didn’t attend the interview.

The whole episode seems like a puzzle to me now as I still don’t know if such a sub office exists or not.

Pain For A Lifetime

“Ever since I was born, my Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine and I just want to say I love him so much.”

Cute 11 year old girl, Paris Jackson, who said these words, during the memorial service of MJ, literally brought tears to my eyes. Those were the words that I could never match with any other eulogy that I heard during the memorial service of MJ. The courage, dignity that she showed in attending the crowd, the love that reflected in her simple words, truly matchless, when compared to the other eulogies delivered there. I have a special reason to say this. As I had mentioned in my last blog, I lost my best friend all of a sudden, last month. During his memorial service I heard almost the same words from his kids and got literally burst out into tears.

I could see the very same throbbing pain in her words.

The pain of losing parents is like a wound that would keep on bleeding the whole life time.

May God’s blessings help them to move-on courageously!