Let them rest in peace

I don’t have much to read in the news paper these days, but for the ongoing exploration, dissection and detailing of the life and death of Michael Jackson, the king of pops. The most discussed one among the news stories related to MJ is the comparison with Elvis Presley. They say that MJ’s death is mysterious life Presley’s, especially when both departed … from “heart attack”, when they were about to return to the world of music, after a long gap. Another hot topic of discussion is regarding the custody of kids of Jackson, and also regarding the amount of wealth that he has left behind, along with several tales about the so-called debts that he had.

The media is also on a hunt to get details from his previous wives about their personal life! Ridiculous!

The media intrusion in the death of celebrities is never a new story. It’s not just new generation journalists who are to be blamed for intruding in to the privacy of people like MJ, as these intrusions can be dated back to the time of coinage of the term ‘yellow journalism’ the artless art of writing that focuses on catering the spicy insider stories.

It’s apparently the cheapness of the inquisitive genome embedded in certain people that results in such downgraded journalism, which makes them go behind the paternity of Jackson’s kids and its details, when there are lot more serious issues in the world to be discussed.

The media is never ready to spare people like MJ, even after their death. I really feel so bad for those celebrities like him who are not blessed with a peaceful rest, due to media intrusions.

I am not justifying any of the deeds of these star personalities, but dear friends from the media, why can’t you give them a peaceful rest and focus your writing talents to bring out something that’s beneficial to humanity?

Let the dead rest in peace!


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  1. RIP MJ…a legend gone by..everyone who loves pop music will truly miss himBTW you have been awarded the International Bloggers' Community Award by me :)…chk my blog for the rules to pass it on to other deserving bloggers.

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