Certain torturing forwards

I have two e-mail ids and three fourth of the mails that get filled in my inboxes are the usual boring forwarded mails, which I delete straight away even without looking at the title. I don’t forward it to any of my friends as most of the forwarded e-mails generally contain weird stuffs and odd introductions like ‘I am going to die soon. Please help me!’ The most important fact that I have noticed in these mails is that most of them will have a virus complimentary, for the people who open them.

It’s very difficult to know the nature of these forwarded emails or to differentiate between problematic and harmless messages. Witty distractions like jokes and articles emails are often harmless. Certain others like lottery wins, PayPal and eBay offers, job alerts, alerts about a missing child, requests to join an online petition should be verified for authenticity, before forwarding. But people hardly bother to check the sender details, and just forward the emails to others.

The recent one I got was in the name of a recruitment firm in Delhi, offering me a job in a university, in the Kingdom of Saudi. There was an attachment along with mail and I was asked to open it to see the details. When I tried to scan the e-mail using the antivirus software an alert popped up saying that the attachment should not be opened, as it contained a malicious program. I deleted the mail immediately. To be frank, I am tired of deleting all these forwards. Wish if I had an option to stop receiving this!


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