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It’s celebration time, but…

Onam celebration, yup the big wing-ding in our hostel is about to happen on the 19th. But the bash set in our name is completely meant for the committee members of our hostel, the ‘young’ chicks who are eager to cover up their graying hair and conceal their wrinkles, and party the whole day. They dance, sing and enjoy… while we , literally tongue tied, carrying a dim witted look, become their ‘wonderful’ viewers , watching ‘enjoying’ and appreciating the ‘ladies’. Hurrah! They shout and cheer, and we clap moronically for their doltish comedy programmes, freakish dance numbers and snobbish speeches. Clad in flamboyant saris and gaudy jewels our committee members literally turn out to be the real stars of the event, where as we, after the tiresome office works would hardly have any energy for changing ourselves to a chichi evening party girl. Most of us attend the function in the very same office wear and often truly vanishes in the undertow of style statements that the ‘real’ part girls create. The party is all theirs! They fix it, conduct it and enjoy it, but all in our name.

Thoughts are always endless ….they just go on connecting one after the other

Office time thoughts 

Work and work…. Read and read……. Write and write……
Writing is spontaneous and the art is a blessing of god added with inexplainable handwork. Some are born to do it. Hence their works get admiration. But inspirational words and comments rarely come for those who strive hard to make a living out of it, as most of the employers are too miserly in giving good comments, as if they feel that they have to pay levy in doing that.

I was a teacher for almost 5 years and have handled a lot of students, right from fifth standard to graduation. I always made it a point to appreciate my students for all the genuine efforts they put in, and always found that those words of appreciation had a magical power to boost their confidence and zeal, thereby making them work better. I maintained similar mindset till recently, but found it to be terribly wrong, as many of the people are unaware of such things.

Every hard work seeks recognition, and when it doesn’t come in time it kills the enthusiasm, the spirit behind that work. I am not saying that one should be showered with flattery for all the works that he/she does, but just a word of appreciation for the hard work put in, as it is always an encouragement to work more; to work with more enthusiasm. The energy that those few words can give is indefinable. I feel that the superiors should really look in to the matter and do something, at least do it in the form of an appreciation mail. They would never know the miracle that those words can bring in the employee’s work.

My suggestion would be ….

Every company should make it a point to appreciate the best performance each month, and should give the performer something as a token of appreciation. It won’t cost much, but they will gain quite a lot in the productivity, as the employees would double their effort, once they are getting recognized for what they do.

But …

Everything is taken for granted and a word of appreciation …. Well I don’t think that would happen in the near future.

It’s really painful to see some sincere efforts going unnoticed, and is denied a word of appreciation for the hard work…

Yet it’s a matter of get going in the midst of all the troubles ….

Life after office hours…

Things go mechanically, yet smoothly. Job hunting is still going on in full swing. My recent obsession is finding out job vacancies from far off places and applying for it. ….Well… well…. Nothing successful has come up yet… but I still go on with my obsessions hoping that something good will come up soon…..

My city … Always busy with people who have everything in hand but running short of time for their family and kids. Life is going on too much busily for most of the people I meet that I always wonder at the purpose of their life, when they fail to do their duties towards their family. May be they would scoff at me saying that I am an orthodox chick.

Relationships are momentary here and sex predominates in some of them, rather a long-term friendship or understanding……

Hey! So where is life heading to for these momentary pleasure seekers? Don’t know!

Hostel life goes on the same. I think I have been used to hostel life more than being at home, as I spend most of the time there.

Friendships…. I talk with everyone but never get too much intimate. There is always a wall of separation that I maintain with most of them, and I think that would be better in my case as I don’t like any one trespassing in to my privacy and making comments. I had almost a heated argument with one of my friends for the same reason, yesterday, and it ended almost in a split. Privacy is of utmost importance in every one’s life and so is mine

Shopping…. I am not good in large scale shopping; hence always limit it to the necessary ones.

And last but not least My health…. So far so good …. But for the nightmares that I have about swine flu, that’s spreading fast in our state…

The tragic movie time

Yes, absolutely tragic, as I wasted almost 2 hours watching a disastrous movie and lost all the admiration that I had carried for the maker of the movie.

Movies ….they should envisage the changes that happen around us among which some can be good, and some bad, I do agree. A good movie is born when it is realistic as well as entertaining… so that we can enjoy it as well as relate the characters with our day to day life.

A film can portray the good as well as bad happenings in the society, but too much hyped and wrongly chosen themes seen certain movies are very hard to digest. May be certain directors might scoff at my ignorance… saying that I am not clever enough to grab their elite class movies that are full of modernity high-thinking and philosophical subjects. I have a question to them. If a common man cannot enjoy it then why make a movie of that’s sort?

Another point that I have noted is a flood of weird themes like extra-marital relationships and hard core violence in movies, and the way open chit chats are being conducted in about these. It’s really nauseating to see certain sickening themes like adultery being presented and snobbishly discussed by new generation ‘art film’ directors; and the stodgiest aspect is the way in which they glorify these themes, thereby giving a wrong message to society. I pity them… I really pity them!

I have a reason for writing this. I happened to see a movie yesterday, from a very famous South Indian director. The loner and alcoholic hero and the fragile minded heroine of the movie were absolutely mind-numbing that I have no words to tell you my reaction on seeing that crap stuff.

The hero is a ‘womanizer to boot’ and the heroine, the delicate darling (I hate calling her like that!), is drawn towards him even though she is married and has a kid, and their relation ends in bed in no time. The hero never develops any emotional bondage towards her even after she becomes pregnant with his child.

The ending of the movie was the worst of all, when the heroine goes with the womanizer hero, leaving her husband.

Lust and infidelity monopolized the entire movie that I felt absolutely sick watching it. By romanticizing the infidelity that heroine commits, and mocking at the loyalty of her husband, the director simply degraded to the level of a third class movie maker. Yet the filmmaker was praised a lot for making the movie and honors were showered on him in plenty, by the media and a group of reviewers. I still remember his pretentious speech during one of the promos of the movie, as if he has done an epic stuff.

Don’t know if his upcoming movie (to be released in a week) would again glorify the same theme or not?

PS – The views expressed are the author’s alone ***

***Hey! I need to give this guys, as people who keep on praising and reviewing valueless movies like these would never spare me after reading the blog! (lol)