It’s celebration time, but…

Onam celebration, yup the big wing-ding in our hostel is about to happen on the 19th. But the bash set in our name is completely meant for the committee members of our hostel, the ‘young’ chicks who are eager to cover up their graying hair and conceal their wrinkles, and party the whole day. They dance, sing and enjoy… while we , literally tongue tied, carrying a dim witted look, become their ‘wonderful’ viewers , watching ‘enjoying’ and appreciating the ‘ladies’. Hurrah! They shout and cheer, and we clap moronically for their doltish comedy programmes, freakish dance numbers and snobbish speeches. Clad in flamboyant saris and gaudy jewels our committee members literally turn out to be the real stars of the event, where as we, after the tiresome office works would hardly have any energy for changing ourselves to a chichi evening party girl. Most of us attend the function in the very same office wear and often truly vanishes in the undertow of style statements that the ‘real’ part girls create. The party is all theirs! They fix it, conduct it and enjoy it, but all in our name.


3 responses

  1. Oh yea the Onam…have a joyous time!

  2. Thanks dear. Wish you the same.

  3. hey u've been tagged..chk my blog

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