Monthly Archives: September, 2009

Time for a break!!!

A day without any tensions, I had a very happy time on Monday. A whole day without my PC and cell phone, a very happy non-online world, I badly wanted that, to get rid of the exhaustion that I had, after putting a hell of toil on my recent projects. Moreover the menstrual cramps were just killing me!!!

I crawled out of my bed only at 8 in the morning, had my coffee and breakfast, and came back to my room soon. The first thing that I did was changing my phone to silent mode. Actually I wanted to switch off my cell phone, but didn’t want my mom to get worried, and hence chose ‘silent mode’ as the best option. I had a book with me, but didn’t feel like hurting my eyes. They badly needed rest for a day. My roommate left by 9 am. I closed the door and jumped back to my bed. I felt so happy, even though I was alone, coz I was free of deadlines, at least for a day. I slept till 12.30!!! Yes, no one who knows me would believe this! But I really did! Getting sound and restful sleep for three hours is really great. That even took away my menstrual cramps and I felt absolutely fresh afterward.

The cleaning staff came by 12.30 or else I would have slept half an hour more. (lol).

After lunch I thought of going out for a walk, but the scorching heat wiped out that idea from my mind. What next? Well, I didn’t want to sleep again. Yes, the book, I thought of reading it and was about to take it, when my friend came in to my room. She had gone to attend her exam. We had a nice time together and talked about some interesting topics. By four I went to the mess hall to have my tea, and she went back to her room. I came back with a cup of tea for her. While she had her tea I had some snacks that she offered, luckily some of them were my true favorites like tea rusks.

My roommate came back by 5.30 and was surprised to see me fresh and lively, as she thought I would have felt really boring, being alone in the hostel. I told her that I had a wonderful day. She was very happy to hear that. I really had a nice time, no matter being alone or not. I did whatever I felt like, never had any restraints of any sort, and didn’t think of any of the disheartening things that occurred these days. I didn’t think about anything that had negative vibes. The whole day was just wonderful. It’s really good to take a break like this, as it refreshes our mind and body a lot. Thanks to Shirley for the idea!

I reached the office on time the next day, and everyone wanted to know the reason behind my sudden disappearance. I told my Branch Manager, that I had menstrual cramps, and she was fine with my answer. What about others? I didn’t give them the reason yet.

A long journey towards the worst

“I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on June 23,” said a noted English actress recently in her blog. Another long journey, I thought. Yes, the long and worst journey that a person can ever have in life.

The deadliest of all the diseases that I have ever heard, I have seen quite a few cancer victims in my friends and family circle, and their extensive battle to beat the pain that the disease and the treatments give. The most tear jerking among them was the when dad’s mom was diagnosed with oral cancer. It was actually noted when we found a white patch (leukoplakia) in her mouth. She didn’t feel pain in the beginning and hence ignored the patch. But my dad understood that something was wrong and hence wanted her to meet the doctor soon. The doctor diagnosed her and confirmed my dad’s worst fears. That was the most horrible day in his life. I still remember how difficult it had been for him, to cope up with the fact that his mother is slowly moving towards death. We, mom, me and my sister, had absolutely no words to pacify him.

There started my grandma’s long battle, for almost one year and all that we could give her was just the painful chemotherapy. But she disagreed for it. She never wanted the painful chemo sessions and said a big blatant ‘NO’. We had to agree for it, and hence opted for a homeo treatment. The treatments took a tool on her making her wary day by day. Slowly she started having unbearable pain and the sore in her mouth started getting worst. Poor grandma, I still don’t know about the intensity of pain she has endured in those few months. During the final stages we had to give her high dose of medicines to alleviate the pain. Those stages were really heartrending and no one at home was in the state of mind to pacify each other.

My grandma died almost 6 to 8 months later.

Even though I had heard about similar cancer affected relatives from my mom’s side, grandma is the first (and wish to be the last) cancer patient that I had ever seen in life. Whenever I used to get in to her room, I always had a question in my mind, “Can god almighty be so cruel? Why did he give so much of pain to her?” I still think about it even now; but never get the reason why people get affected with diseases like cancer and suffer all the pains.

Wish someone had a magic potion to cure this disease!