I am giving up my greatest addiction

To give up something that we love the most, is very difficult, and rather challenging. One such was my addiction to coffee that our ‘chaya cheettan’ brings (Though he brings coffee more than tea, we call him ‘chaya cheettan’, (for the non natives- chaya in Malayalam means tea) for reasons unknown.).
In the beginning I didn’t have much interest in the grotesquely bitter taste of the coffee, as I was a tea lover. But slowly I started finding it difficult to survive without coffee.

Yes, caffeine, the magic potion that made me do innumerable things at a time, without getting tired, was slowly overpowering me.

Usually we get the coffee by 12 noon, as ours is the last session of his journey throughout the city. So the coffee comes just half an hour before our lunch. I fell madly in love with that coffee and was slowly getting addicted to it. The addiction became clear when I couldn’t have that cofee, as he didn’t turn up with coffee one day. I started feeling restless and uneasy, a kind of‘withdrawal symptom’ I should say. This got repeated for a few more times, whenever he didn’t turn up, making it clear that the coffee was overpowering me. The funniest part of the story is that, I have this irritation only when I am in the office, and not at home, or in the hostel.

So on one fine day, I took the boldest decision to stop coffee. I was sure that it would be the most difficult task, as I was addicted to a-coffee-a-day habit, and had this as a part of my life for almost one and a half years. The lovely aroma of the coffee that ‘chaya chettan’ brings had thus almost seduced me by that time. As I said I rarely bother about it when I am at home. It’s a working day syndrome.

The very next day when ‘chaya cheettan’ came with a tray full of cups of coffee I purposefully ignored it. If I look at them my hands will involuntarily rise to take up one from them. He served the coffee to all my colleagues and left. I watched him going out and felt upset. Yes, the withdrawal symptoms were slowly rising in me. I tried to concentrate on my work, but headache and irritation persisted the whole day, and I just managed to do the work and reached hostel soon and had my tea.

The symptoms were much less the next day.

Gone cold turkey literally, as it’s my Day 5 without coffee and seems I have tried to overcome my withdrawal symptoms to a considerable extend.

The headaches and irritations at the beginning were so bad, but now, a kinda ok. I drink water or have some fruits at the coffee time, and satisfy myself, while the others have the yummy coffee… But no more nightmarish nasty consequences of caffeine dear guys……


3 responses

  1. Good that you were able to overcome the addiction….. its not a mere thing that you have achieved…be proud of it!!!!I am trying my best to get out of such addictions but in vain… 😦 Just had a coup d'oeil at your blog….. gr8 stuff you have here….. keep writing!!

  2. Thank you for those wonderful words. 🙂

  3. Gr8 dear……. So happy and proud of youAt least i wont miss your laughter and giggles due to head ache and irritation here afterLove u lol!!!!Ur sisChinnu

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