My 60 non-blogging days

It has been almost two months since I wrote something on my blog. If you ask me the reason I would say I didn’t feel so, or maybe I may perhaps make an excuse that I had loads of exhausting working sessions that I didn’t get time to think about.

Actually the 2 months article writing process (purely technical and official) had almost wiped out the idea of blogging from my brain that I hardly thought about my blog. Now that the rush has turned down to a slower crawl, I think I can sit and brood over a little on all the bits and pieces of my day to day life that’s often sandwiched between my office at one end of the city and our hostel at the other end.

Office+Hostel+Shirley = past 2 months…..would be the simplest way to say about the 60 odd days that passed by.

My non-blogging days…

Life is going smooth irrespective of all the attempts of Mr.: F to isolate me in between everyone. But I don’t have any grudge towards anyone and hence behaves as if the cheap trick that he plays has no impacts on me. He is thus successfully beaten by my quickest come back.

I had a marathon session of article writing for a handful of websites that said about the most mind-numbing topics that I have ever heard in life. Still I had to write about 200 plus articles about all those uninteresting topics. I really strive hard to get the natural free of flow of words, but words often get stuck somewhere while writing about such lifeless topics. But the desperate situation and the necessity of more and more articles force me to go on again and again chasing words to prepare SEO related articles over and over again. Thus after much pain and struggle I write about 4 to 5 articles and mail it to my boss, who would always ask me for a +1 as usual; give 4 he will ask 5, give 5 he will surely ask for 6! Oops! I need to go back to my work! See u soon!

PS – I often get comments from certain greathearted readers and I take time to give the modest reply to everyone. Recently I received a comment from a ‘generous’ reader that he is getting bored reading my blog, and said that I don’t write anything worthy but just omit my ‘frustrations’ through my writings. For your kind information my dear reader, I use this platform to note down my random thoughts, may be they sound silly to ‘intellects’ like you. Just like any other person in the world I too have the right to enjoy the freedom to express my thoughts. Through my blogs I don’t hurt anyone personally nor do I make any offensive remarks about people. And I am not forcing anybody to read my blogs. Only those who are genuinely interested need to read them or comment about them.


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  1. hey.. nice way of expressing PS – lol

  2. Thanks for the comment.

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