A tragic tale with a realistic touch

It was a Sunday afternoon & both I and Shirley were in her room talking about some random things. Actually we don’t run out of things to talk about but the afternoon discussion was about the movie ‘Fashion’ by Madhur Bhandarkar. I was kinda literally going gaga over the movie and the actresses who played the lead roles when Shirley started telling me about Gia Carangi, a name that I had never heard in my life. She began telling about the destruction of life & carrier of Gia Carangi, the movie based on her life and about Angelina Jolie’s praiseworthy performance as Gia. She really wanted me to see the movie & know more about ‘Gia’ before creating hype and hoopla over ‘Fashion’.

The next day was a little hectic but I managed to get some time during the lunch break as I was so curious to read about Gia. I found a few pictures of Gia from a website. Innocent face, seductive and erotic body, I am sure she might have been the photographer’s favorite during her days. But it’s sad that Gia’s life reached nowhere and she ended up as an AIDS victim at the age of 26. Although drug addiction is a hard to defend reason, I felt so sorry for her and her tragic fall. A needy and lonely woman left all alone amid riches that she hardly bothered about! What she wanted is the love and care that she hadn’t received all throughout her life. It’s sad that we most of us take the love, warmth and care that we get for granted whereas life people like Gia end-up longing for love.

After seeing the pictures of Gia, and reading about her sad story I really wanted to see the movie & the way Angelina Jolie has portrayed Gia. Shirley had told me that Angelina Jolie has done quite a great job portraying Gia in the movie. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the CD! So I searched for some clipping of ‘Gia’ in YouTube. I couldn’t see much of Angelina Jolie’s laudable performance as Gia, but could feel the depth of the story. I also found quite a few well written reviews about ‘Gia’ read them one by one.

After reading a few, I should say that the movie literally got stuck in my head. The movie ‘Fashion’ doesn’t have anything praiseworthy when compared to ‘Gia’; and about the models and their rise and fall, I felt ‘Gia’ would be worst that someone can face in her life. In fact it is really hard to see someone who has success safe on her platter plunging down deep in to a ditch so quickly, like what happed to Gia Carangi.

Well, after that short and brief research about the movie and about Gia Carangi I kinda stopped talking about the movie ‘Fashion’! (lol)


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