Blogging Ahoy!

I was wondering why I am not writing anything these days. I had made up my mind to write something amid my work schedule but somehow couldn’t make it happen.

I never used to bottle up anything inside my heart, as I always used to write them in my blog. But when I had Shirley with me, I rarely had anything to pen-down. My blogging had to take a backseat as she used to be my wonderful listener. But now that I have to give her the privacy that she needs (she got married to her dear ‘chachan’ last month), writing is what I feel as the best option, like how I always used to.

But I think it is really good to have someone who can listen to you, and I have always felt that she is the best listener I have ever seen. After meeting her, even I too wanted to change a little more and be a better listener. There is a big reason behind this. When we have something bad happening around us, or when we don’t feel good, we need someone to whom we can share our difficult emotions. It is not at all for any sort of solutions, as most of us are smart enough to tackle our problems easily. But you would definitely long for someone to whom you can just share our feelings, or someone who listens and understands us and say a word of comfort in the most tender and loving way. May be in a few simple words, but those words have a lot to give. They make us really feel better and take us back to a stable state from where we can think about a satisfying solution to the baffling issue that we have.

To avoid uncomfortable feelings at work place or personal life is not easy. But we can tackle these challenging parts of our life with the help of a good friend. For me, my blog has always been my best companion. I used to bottle up everything inside my heart before, but later started to write in my blog. Comments, good and bad and at times worst and offensive, slowly started pouring in. I threw away the worst and offensive and accepted the good as well as the bad ones.

Then came Shirley, and I slowly started slipping away from writing a little, as I always had an opening to share my thoughts. Now that I want to give her the needed privacy, I have to depend on my blogging and will be writing about my happiness, turmoil and tensions again.

Some of my readers had commented very badly about my blogs, saying that I take this as a platform to give away my frustrations. But it’s not true.

I have to work my ass off the whole day; inexplicably tiring, yet I try my best to find happiness. Well, I know that it’s not a great thing as we all do work very hard, don’t we? But it’s difficult to handle selfish and backbiting corporate environment alone. Here it’s all about winning as much as you can, and how you achieve it is not an issue. You are always free to trample the hard work, dedication and emotions of others to get a quick victory. Back to hostel, I have my music system and my books to spend time. But I think writing is the best or rather a great thing that one can adopt, rather than ruminating all alone over repetitive thoughts. Why not share it with others???

So blogging ahoy!


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