Please take a second look at yourself and your kids!

“Hey! That’s the new trend!” I often hear this from my friends when I don’t become broadminded enough to appreciate the filmy costumes that they wear, even to their offices at times. I find it difficult to shower praises for such dresses which may perhaps look fine when I see it being worn by the glamorous babes of silver screen. But if someone wears the same in day-to-day life it’s not something I would really appreciate. Fashion trends should always be looked upon as per the situation and circumstances that we are in to, and not just our convenience and happiness. You can’t follow trends just for the sake of doing that. I would say that following something wisely is different from following it blindly, and many people now are blind followers of fashion, and this becomes really awkward when even children are made to wear certain ‘X-rated’ dresses in the name of fashion. I have seen many parents who make children wear skinny tops & short skirts and boast about how they follow the trendy fashion statements. Please do keep in mind that fashion statements and trends are to be followed but only after knowing the edge between decency and vulgarity. But it’s really sad to see that nowadays people are at times very strange in choosing fashion. It won’t cost the earth to take time to think about what’s that you can wear and what you can’t. You can find your own decent style rather than being a fashion victim.

Something related to this is the way kids are dressed up for some dance reality shows which are being conducted these days. Last week I happened to see a dance reality show where I saw a kid dancing to a Hindi item number. Barely ten years of age, but she wore a very short skirt and a highly revealing top. Her dance had very cheap moves which we usually see in films when a seductress dances to attract a man. Thank God! One among the senior judges in the show was sensible to stop her then and there and to advice her mother not to make her child do such cheap performances just for the sake of publicity. It’s really sad to see children dressing up & dancing like strippers. How disgusting!

I really want to ask something to those parents who entertain these. Why do you shoo your children on seeing women and men dressed in obscene way or doing any intimate scenes in TV, when you are training your kids to become one such in near future?


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