Some weird realities

There is nothing real about those ‘star studded reality shows’. The so called ‘reality stars’ engage in all sort of weird, scandalous and stupid talks and arguments throughout the show and literally make a hue and cry about even the smallest thing that happen in the show. Yet this has now become the underlying reason people to watch such shows, rather than the dancing or singing that are being conducted in the show.

Yesterday I happened to see a celebrity dance reality show. More than a dance show, I felt it should be renamed as a celebrity gossip show when I heard the host asking one of the participants about how she feels to see her ex-boyfriend as a member of the opposite team. I really don’t understand why such a question was asked in that show, as the question had absolutely nothing to do with the show or the acts that they perform there. That single question created a long ‘drama’ for about 10-15 minutes and also had some absurd music played in the background. How can they ask such a question in a TV show, and how come a person discuss that in a show just for the sake of money and ratings?

I was literally taken-aback or rather felt weird when I heard the hosts asking such stupidest questions and discussing about them every now and then. The cast and the crew were repeatedly saying that these were not pre-scripted and were not meant to raise public demand. The more they said, the more such acts looked funny and strange as they always made it a point to create some fabricated situations to ask such stupid questions.

I felt the very same weirdness when the participants cried for the silliest things that happen in the show. Do they really feel that the viewers will also cry along with them? May be some hardcore fans of the show, but definitely not all! I found it pretty hard to believe those delicate hearted people and their tears. It looked more or less like a decoy to increase the TRPs, as it looked really pointless to cry for such silly things that happen in the show.

Altogether the show was looking very much artificial and far-fetched. Is it the same with all the other ‘reality’ celebrity shows? If so, I really feel sorry for those who watch them with eagerness.


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