A great song worth listening to

I happened to hear “Madhno” from the movie Lamhaa yesterday. Great composition & lyrics I should say and the singers have also done a really fantastic job, by singing the song with all the needed emotions. There is no overdoing in the whole composition and has no extra musical instruments, but only those which are needed for the song. I generally don’t prefer songs where a lot of musical instruments are played. It often kills the beauty of the song and the charm of the singer’s voice. But “Madhno” is really apt for my taste as it has all that I prefer in a good song. Something like “instantly likeable”, that’s what I can say about the song, as it infuses immense soothe and calmness in to the hearer’s mind and soul in no time. Soulful tunes and right lyrics along with an apt voice makes a good song and I think “Madhno” has all these in the form of Mithoon , Kshitij and Chinmayi. I am already a big fan of Chinmayi and her song “Varaayo Vaarayo” from “Aadhavan”. I am sure that this song will become another feather on her cap. “Madhno” has a slight touch of Kashmiri folk songs; may be because the story is based on Kashmir Valley. But this song has once again proved that a good song is loved better than blaring noisy music and meaningless lyrics that we hear these days. I couldn’t enjoy the song much in Mika’s voice. I didn’t feel it as mesmerizing as Kshitij’s. This does not mean that Mika’s version is bad. I just want to say that I prefer Kshitij-Chinmayi version than the other one. Altogether a smooth flowing song has been added to the list of superb tracks in my playlist like “Maula Mere”. I mentioned “Maula Mere”in particular here as the beginning of “Madhno” is more or less similar to “Maula Mere”. Do checkout for the song and enjoy!

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