Being a writer

This post got triggered off when I heard someone making a comment that writing is not something which can be taken a serious profession, and one should always go for engineering or medical degrees or even law, to have a ‘safer’ career. Whenever someone asked me about my ambition even I never used to say that I wanted to become a writer. I used to have the stereotyped answer that most of the kids had; either a doctor or an engineer. But frankly speaking, I knew very well that I am not going to take up both. Those answers were just for the sake of avoiding the thunderstruck faces of my family and the society, especially those people who make faces when they hear about a person ho wants to do something different. Destiny had already planned something for me and I took up writing as my profession, something I always liked. I am not an accidental writer. Because despite all those stereotyped answers that I gave others, I always had a love for books and creative writing.

I always did whatever possible to read and improve my language skills. But I don’t remember having written much in my school time. I was sort of scared at that time to show my scribbles to others. I still remember how my teachers used to ask me to write, whenever they see me reading books. I didn’t actually have the guts to publish them. I used to feel that I need to grown-up a little more and wanted more time to brush up my skills. My high school teachers would probably laugh when they come to know that I write and publish my writings.

But believe me, I’m not someone who has read the works of all authors, past or present, because I don’t read books which don’t fit in to my thought process. And I never select books based on the number of prizes that it received. I have seen many people selecting books just because on the awards that it has won. Most of them even don’t bother to look at the topic discussed in it. I can tell you an example for that. Once I had attended an interview for the post of editor for one of the leading publishing houses here. The Managing Director of the publishing house who was proud of his bloodline, his MBA from UK and the voracious reader in him, asked me a lot of questions one by one, about books, reading and writing. I answered all of them. Finally he asked me about a Booker Prize winning book which I had not read. “It’s a Booker Prize winning book and you have not read it, shame on the reader in you!” said the to-be boss, sitting back sipping his coffee. I replied that prizes are not my criterion of selecting books. I read only if I am interested in what’s said about in that book.

I love to write about whatever I read about. My creative writing is about having fun by taking up a good, crispy writing style throwing away the hard and fast rules of writing. Be free to express yourself in the way you want with the language you have.

I am a content writer now, someone whom my company can program according to the arising needs. I have now started getting used to writing about every topic that I get. Plunking myself in front of a PC close to the main door of the office, I teach the world about beauty, dresses, travel, medical science, web design and a lot many topics, through my writings. But still I make sure that I select topics which I can handle.

A good personal entertainment that brings me a good sum of money every month, I don’t think you can find such a profession anywhere else in the world.


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