Why women walk behind men?

I was on my way to office when I saw something that made me write this. A man was walking towards me and behind him I could see his wife carrying their kid, trying hard to keep-up with his pace. I was literally stunned seeing that the man didn’t even bother to look behind or even to walk in a slow pace so that his wife could walk along with him. Why does this happen? Why can’t he walk along with her or at least share the responsibility of carrying their kid? Poor woman! She was literally panting by the time they reached the bus stop where I was waiting. I have seen many situations like this before and always used to get baffled seeing those women who walk behind men. Do they think it as a mockery if a woman walks in front of they or even next to them? Why can’t they walk hand in hand which sweeter than having someone follow them? It will also give the women a feeling of care and love.

I have seen the practice of women walking behind men during weddings and always wonder why we do this. Why should women be always in the back and follow the man? This continues even after marriage. For men, they take it as their right to walk in front of women and not to bother her even if she is carrying a handful of heavy bags and their kid together. And women, they accept it as a man’s privilege and don’t even bother to question this. I find it ridiculous when women themselves consider as someone worth less than a man.
This practice has almost become a cultural norm, that I do not understand why even educated women do this? This is wrong! It degrades women’s identity and this is why people look-down upon women even in this 21st century.


5 responses

  1. why can't it b like this.The Guy who is walking ahead of her is trying to make the way clear for her.

  2. Why! my hubby does the same.. and the reson he gives .. "jus happen to have longer legs babes!" ;p

  3. Well that was a good thought.But i was wondering what would ur solution be.. i mean if the wife walks ahead that won't suit the scene and ofcourse they can't walk together i guess.. that's a little awkward

  4. see, its the stigma of the society we live in, western society sees men and women side by side as equals, indian society has always portrayed female as the weaker gender, and is thus automatically assumed to be the ones trailing behind. But, the fact is, it is not so, men and women are equal, but the male ego, which cannot stand it when a female overtakes him, say for an ex. if there is a working couple, if the wife earns more than the husband in 9 out of 10 cases there is bound to be troubles in the relationship. The only solution to your problem, thus might be education, education at a grass root level that men and women are equal..

  5. haha, everything needs to be a competition these days…if women are really equal to men, a women taking or being better than a man would not be news…LOL

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