Wish I had a remote control to manage their vocal cords!

Work Ethics; does that sound too much heavy? Well, it isn’t really I think. Because all that I mean here is just the basic etiquette that someone has to have while working in a corporate world. At-least the manners to make sure that you don’t become a trouble for your coworker.

Clear communication, a proper interaction, good personal behavior, honesty, accountability, meticulousness, dependability and self-discipline are very much necessary even in the smallest business house. Among these I think personal behavior and self-discipline are the most important. These two life skills differentiate you from others and make you a good coworker.

While talking about self-discipline, I need to say this too.  One among the thorny problems that I have been facing at work place is the difficulty in handling people who have no control over their vocal cords. People talk as loud as they can, laugh over stupid gossips, yell at their friends, make shady dialogues seeing a  svelte & beautiful new comer, talk over phone aloud and later justify saying they were in ‘ highly official discussions’. I won’t mind the unnecessary chats if they don’t trouble me. But once these noises start intruding and harming works, even the saintly ones will get pissed off for sure. I am just a ‘plain Jane’!

A good working atmosphere is the basic necessity that every employee would ask for and I feel one has to be really lucky to get that. In my case I kind of started ignoring such ‘loudspeakers’ purposefully now. Why waste my energy ‘requesting’ to people who say content writers like me just ‘copy’ from existing websites and hence don’t need a good work space? ‘But friends, let me tell you all something. Being a ‘writer’ is not a crime and having some creativity is not a sin either. We too work hard to earn a living. If you feel that we writers just a ‘cut’ ‘copy’ ‘’paste’ and have no brains at all, you are highly mistaken!’

Wish I could make them understand this! But that’s where my lucky stars don’t support me. You know why? I am talking about a typical men’s world were women are considered puny, and those who have an average idea of English language are the puniest.

Thus to be frank ‘loudspeakers’ do irk me a lot. But I make sure to give them a signal that they are not getting on my nerves though I really wish I had a remote control to manage their vocal cords!

Will I be lucky enough to get that? Yet to find out!


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