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Scandal obsessed Media

Why don’t media and people get bored talking about the personal life of our celebrities? I really pity them for such mean discussions of no use! I think India has some good number of other relevant issues which are to be discussed, and not just bawdy gossips. But unfortunately Indian press; not just Indian but the world media never leaves such masalas behind.

I happened to see a leading online news website yesterday going gaga over a photograph in which an Indian cricketer’s wife is seen with a cigarette in her hand. A sensational piece of sale boosting stuff, they were really celebrating it, and were literally playing the role of morality preachers. I really don’t understand why media is so bothered about the personal life of someone when there are a lot more relevant issues in India to be discussed and sorted out. I don’t mean to justify the photograph or the person in it. No comments on that. But is that news really relevant? Should such news reports be published? I would say a big “NO”. If she wants to party she can, if it doesn’t turn-out to be a public nuisance. Smoke or booze, it’s her life and media need not bother.

To be frank, celebrity news has now started rising above even the important world events. Media culture, both visual and print, has become really rotten! Many of us dismiss such gossips as harmless fun, but we should not forget that we are forced to consume those trashes thereby turning ourselves away from stuffs worth reading. Our media’s dangerous obsession with the personal life of celebrities always reminds me how boring and smutty the much celebrated news papers and the so called celebrated reports of veteran journalists have now become.

Almost the same hullabaloo was seen a few months back when an MP got married to a business woman. Our media tried really hard to dig out his two failed marriages and even conducted forms and discussions to analyze the failure. So obsessed with celebrity scandals! What if he marries twice or thrice? It is his life. Healthy criticisms related to his works as an MP can be appreciated and not derogatory remarks about someone’s personal life. The way the media ridiculed him was really gross. A man in his 50s wished for a good partner, what’s wrong in it? Why scorn him and his wish? Dear friends from the media, I think you have better topics to write about. Try and find them out!

Freedom To Write When Exploited

Ayodhya: It’s Ramjanmabhoomi.
I was shocked to the core seeing this headline on the main page of a leading daily, after the verdict of Ayodhya case. By now you all must have got a clear-cut idea about the essence of the verdict and how judiciary managed to do justice to everyone through a really good verdict. The reporter of this esteemed news paper did sheer unjust to the verdict of the honorable court by publishing it in a very wrong way. Was it a purposeful act to create an unwanted controversy? I don’t know! But the much awaited verdict was totally misinterpreted and was given an unfair look by giving such a title & a controversy igniting explanation to add fuel to the fire.
I know very well that people perceive things in different ways and process and reproduce them uniquely. But this headline and writing style looks really ruthless resolutely written to set fire to wrong thoughts. 
Everyone has an opinion, biased or unbiased. But publishing such reports in a national daily without thinking about the reaction of millions of people who read it is just disgusting. 
People create articles and blogs and publish them easily in print or online to make their voices heard. But a wrong use of such facilities to create unbalanced reports that fuel radical thoughts should be curbed, or else the day when communal riots start occurring based on news paper reports is not far away.