Freedom To Write When Exploited

Ayodhya: It’s Ramjanmabhoomi.
I was shocked to the core seeing this headline on the main page of a leading daily, after the verdict of Ayodhya case. By now you all must have got a clear-cut idea about the essence of the verdict and how judiciary managed to do justice to everyone through a really good verdict. The reporter of this esteemed news paper did sheer unjust to the verdict of the honorable court by publishing it in a very wrong way. Was it a purposeful act to create an unwanted controversy? I don’t know! But the much awaited verdict was totally misinterpreted and was given an unfair look by giving such a title & a controversy igniting explanation to add fuel to the fire.
I know very well that people perceive things in different ways and process and reproduce them uniquely. But this headline and writing style looks really ruthless resolutely written to set fire to wrong thoughts. 
Everyone has an opinion, biased or unbiased. But publishing such reports in a national daily without thinking about the reaction of millions of people who read it is just disgusting. 
People create articles and blogs and publish them easily in print or online to make their voices heard. But a wrong use of such facilities to create unbalanced reports that fuel radical thoughts should be curbed, or else the day when communal riots start occurring based on news paper reports is not far away.

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