Chilling days inside a ‘refrigerator’

I am having really crazy days with 8 hours of training sessions daily, to make myself more Google friendly. The news of the training session actually came out of the blue that I had absolutely no idea about what I could be ‘taught’. But thankfully it’s all about what I am familiar with, but in a little more explanatory way. The ‘marathon’ training session brought along with it many good things along with an ‘ice cold’ change for me, as now I am made to sit in a place that I can literally name ‘Antarctica’ or ‘refrigerator’. The people around me are so much in love with the centralized AC here that they will literally burst into tears if at all I switch off the AC. The temperature is so low that my hands and feet become ice cold soon. I, someone who is glued with sinusitis by birth, am a total misfit here now and carry home headache and dizziness every day, finishing off the tablets that I have stored.

My new habitat is mostly filled with guys who are ever set to make this place a ‘refrigerator’ Really freezing, like thousands of pins pricking my body and brain at a time. Killing headaches start in no time, with excruciating pain making me exhausted and angry. I always look at the ‘AC lovers’ here with surprise and wonder how they manage to concentrate and work in such chilliness.

Every time they start freezing our room, I will have to drag myself from my seat, go and switch off the AC. But of really no use! Seeing me switch it off someone will soon jump from his seat running towards the control switch of the AC to switch it on again. Poor me! All I can do is just show him a sad face, a last (hopeless) attempt to make him know about the brutality that he is going to do. But I am always failing miserably to convince the ‘chill lovers’.


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