What exactly is there to be proud of?

Should we say kudos to our politicians and business men who love cricket for the framing of another IPL army for a state lamenting for pesticide-free food, a roof for everyone, gutter less roads and primary sanitation facility? Should we generously praise the hard work of all those wonderful and broad minded people behind Kochi IPL for bringing cricket to a state were price hike and unavailability of food items have made life impossible? Should hands be clapped for the hard work and ‘sacrifice’ that honorable MP and other leading business men have done to bring IPL to a state that’s plagued with security threats and terrorist attacks? Should we all join and arrange a meeting to congratulate these wonderful people who made the hue-and-cry to bring IPL and cricket to a state where the list of political scams and corruption are endless? Thoughts started coming out one after another after seeing the news telecast in NDTV that discussed the confirmation of Kochi IPL team. The newscaster was literally going gaga over the team management’s efforts, and the honorable MP from Kerala was quoted saying that ‘sacrifices’ made for the Kochi IPL team were worth it’.

One question to all these generous people! Is this our priority? Is this what we want now? No, we need a good and safe place to live in and not cricket matches. We need ‘endosulfan free’ vegetables , fresh air devoid of poisonous gases from factories, good living spaces, good hospitals, jobs for all, a state that’s free of corruption and terrorist attacks. No cricket matches can ever fulfill these needs of ours.

The zeal that’s shown for making the ‘elite cricket team’ has once again proved beyond doubts that money weighs much than lives.

Shame on you all!


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