Confessions of a vegetable pan roll addict

Why is that bakery so close to my bus stop, making me literally salivate over those luscious pan rolls?

This is the question I have been my asking myself ever since I saw the bakery and started having their lip-smacking, ‘seductive’ vegetable pan roll. Once or twice in a week was my so called self-allotted ration in the beginning, but it slowly started increasing alarmingly because of my uncontrollable craving for pan rolls and rose so high to a level where I started having one pan roll every evening! Can you imagine? Almost 25- 30 pan rolls per month! Oh! I should not miss the amount of profit that they made out of my craving for pan rolls; almost 350 rupees per month. The pan rolls were so yum making me want them more and more that I hardly started bothering about money, the amount of unnecessary calories, the additives and preservatives getting in to my body. All that I could see from the bus stop was the spicy and scrumptious pan rolls dragging me towards them in minutes. Relishing those pan rolls thus started becoming a part of my day today life; draining my health and my pocket simultaneously. Sort of compulsive eating I should say! Or I should rephrase it as the result of sorrows of a foodie living in a hostel. Well, you all know how hostel food is! So pan rolls brought a lot of happiness for the foodie in me.

But within a short time the pan roll eating disorder slowly started showing its hidden monstrous face. I started getting stomach problems on a regular basis due to the higher amount of spicy content in them, which started upsetting my dad who never knew about my ‘pan roll addiction’. Thank god!

I somehow wanted to stop my pan roll addiction and obviously the only remedy was to stop buying it, but this wasn’t very practical in the beginning. Although I had made up my mind, there had been many moments in the initial stage when a particular trigger used to bring back my pan roll addiction and I used to unknowingly walk towards the bakery , buy pan rolls and have it. A distraction from this was really necessary and it was then I had to finally start taking a different route to my hostel, much way from the premises of the bakery so that I don’t even get a glance of the delectable pan rolls. I also started having fruits in the evening to lessen and slowly overcome my urge for pan rolls, to put an end to the kind of gluttony I had. It took time for things to settle down. Now it has been almost 4-5 months, and I won’t say that I completely stopped having pan rolls. Yea, I have it once in two weeks or so, but the glutton is no more alive.

Enroute to days without pan rolls!


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