Monsoon Musings

I haven’t updated my blog since April. To be frank I didn’t get any interesting topic to write about. Plus I have had a handful of official assignments in the last couple of weeks.  They took a major share of my days and left me worn-out by the time I reach the hostel.

Even after buying a laptop I couldn’t find an interesting topic to jot-down. And still I am thinking about what I should write and trying to figure-out the best topic from a bunch of thoughts that I am pondering over now.  But from the endless list if I am asked to choose one I prefer talking about rain. It is rainy season again!

Rain always brings out a mixture of emotions; some feel romantic, some others feel lonely, depressed and low, and certain others like me feel extremely happy watching rain or getting drenched. But rain does arouse human feelings, a lot of feelings.

The monsoon is never just one among those seasonal changes for me. It’s during this time I take time and enjoy even simple things. By simple things I mean the really simple ones like watching kids making paper boats and enjoying running around and playing in the rain, seeing the much serious mommies shouting from their houses ordering their kids to get back. Even now (that’s because I am 30, an age where I am supposed to have a serious life) I make paper boats and run out as soon as the rain stops to let them sail in the water.

Actually I love the pitter-patter kind of one than the heavy rain. Well, let me rephrase a little; when I am out on the streets I prefer the pitter-patter, but when I am near the window side I like watching both, sipping a hot coffee ( I know it’s the cliché again! But I am serious.) Make some coffee and yummilicious pakodas, take your favorite book, go and sit nearby your window enjoying the book, pakodas and the rain; you won’t get those blissful moments anywhere else I bet. Not even in your favorite holiday destination. We have a good balcony there in the hostel where we all gather for our post-dinner chit-chats. That’s the best place on earth to watch it raining outside.

Last week I had to attend the marriage of a colleague. The venue was about 40 Km from here and we all went in a bus that the company hired. I was the last one to get in to the bus and got the first seat, close by a window. It was a sunny day but rain started to pour out of nowhere right from the moment we started.  Rain drops on my windowpane!  I love drawing pictures on the window pane when it’s raining outside and during the trip I enjoyed good ample time drawing funny faces on the window pane.

It rains all the day now, but gets intense in the evening. All the traffic lines in my city get really longer during rain and I have to spend more time to reach my hostel. But I seriously don’t mind sitting in the city bus watching the pitter-patter outside. After getting down at our bus stop I have to walk for about five minutes to reach my hostel. With slower than the snail footsteps I take almost fifteen minutes to reach there when it rains and never tell my dear mom why I am late. Like any other caring mom, even my mom doesn’t like me walking around in rain. Sorry mom, but I love it! Sometimes I just wish I had a whole day to sit in my room and watch rain, and listen to the sound of raindrops as they hit my roof. Just the thought of it creates a peaceful sensation in my mind.

I love to just sit and watch rain but many of my friends don’t understand why I enjoy rain so much. I don’t think I can ever explain the magical and ecstatic feel that rain gives me. It brings in a lot of good memories that hug me tight making me feel that I have a lot of things to be happy about, to be proud about.

PS – I don’t see the samosa chaat walas these days. Seems the city officials have put a strict ban on street vendors. Or else the spicy and flavorsome chats would have increased the joy of watching rain! 😦


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