Are You Being Watched?

Newspapers give some of the bizarre, yet though provoking stories these days.  I happened to see one such today morning in one of the leading dailies. It was about a thief, rather a stalker, who stole the mobile phone of a young girl in the city. He later called-up her dad saying he has some of the pictures of the girl in the mobile phone, allegedly threatening to post obscene morphed pictures in the cyberspace soon, if he is not given money. Even though the thief was later caught by the police, there is one question that’s coming up in my mind again and again. Why are people still getting threatened in the name of morphing when everyone knows that a person of average computer knowledge can easily morph anyone’s picture in minutes? And the worst part, why this happens only with women?  We hardly see a man threatened this way, or I should say no one is bothered when a man’s morphed photograph is published in the internet. But when it happens to a woman, a big hullabaloo is created or rather made unnecessarily . In most of the cases the victimized woman won’t even know that someone has taken her photograph and made a bad use of it. Still she is treated in a very bad way by the society and the public.

Have you ever notices something odd? Whether its website pictures or YouTube videos, you should be really lucky enough to see a page with morphed photographs of men, whether celebrities or commoners. In fact I have seen people going gaga saying ‘He is hot!’, when they see nude or semi nude men’s picture in websites. But try for a woman’s picture, the list that you get will be endless. I do agree that there are certain websites where models meant for such purpose do agree to be clicked. But what about some of those innocent victims whose pictures are getting posted unknowingly?

Off late I read an online article where it was said that a girl’s morphed photograph was uploaded it on various porn websites along with her mobile phone number, when she rejected the proposal from a guy whom she met through a well-known social networking website. Soon-after she started some telephone calls from strangers who took her to be a prostitute. Upon enquiry, they told her that they her information through various porn and social networking websites. Finally she had to file a complaint and the guy was arrested.

You can see a lot of men in bus stops, parks, railway stations, inside trains, and restaurants who cunningly take pictures of women using mobile cameras. According to statistics, more than half of these photographs are getting morphed with nude pictures, later getting uploaded to various porn websites. No one even bothers to stop such rogues from doing this heinous crime , not even our so called ‘highly dedicated’ police officials. Had there been a vigilant watch on these nuisances happening around us, such pictures would not have filled-up the cyber space destroying the life of many innocent women!


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