Shake Your Legs and Swing Your Hips with a Flash mob

A customary shopper in Chennai mall, or a passenger who waited in CST Mumbai would have popped up his eyes wide open seeing the sudden upsurge of energy in one or two people standing near him, as they started dancing suddenly for some blaring music that came out of the blue.  Yes, even I did the same after watching the first Flash mob video, posted on YouTube. But taking people like me to more and more surprises, Flash mobs, the recent web sensation, are now becoming the talk of the country, inspiring more and more people perform Flash mobs in their cities.  I was literally astonished seeing the video, but couldn’t stop admiring the group who managed to perform in CST, one of the busiest railway stations in India. The next moment I was all set to ‘Google’ about Flash mobs in India to find out the brain behind this interesting rather energizing act.  I was surprised seeing 23 year old Shonan Kothari’s picture!  Is that right?  A 23yr old girl made Mumbai dance ‘Rang De Basanti’ in CST, and made the onlooker join them and dance to joy.  Kudos dear friend!  That was a worth appreciating act to make people know that there’s so much fun and enjoyment in aping the right part of western culture. Do you know why?  A little research that I did gave me quite a lot of information about Flash mobs.  They may be new to Indian community, but are very common among the westerners. Leaving the embarrassment of dancing all on a sudden at a public place, Flash mobs won’t do any harm, but entertain you and those few people around by infusing a lot of vigor and vitality. When Indians can dance to almost ‘anything’, why not dance oneself to happiness?

Flash mobs, even though are preplanned, would look like an impromptu public celebration for the people around, when one or two among a group would come out and start dancing to some foot tapping numbers from well known movies. This spontaneous public celebration actually has no weighty messages to convey, as it’s just to entertain people. Once started, it’s often seen that many people soon join the Flash mob dancers and become willing to shake their legs too. A dance, though not professional looking, that appears apparently out of nowhere with just 1 or 2 people, growing to hundreds, then quickly disappearing, Flash mobs will always give the public a joy out of surprise.  If rightly used, Flash mobs can raise a lot of public awareness about some of the important crises that the world is facing. When it’s done in an entertaining way, messages would definitely reach public more quickly rather than making fruitless efforts to give a serious speech, or distribute some pamphlets that contain hard-to digest descriptions and thoughts.  So I think we should ponder on this idea and make wise use of such energizing acts, to trigger immense joy and enthusiasm in us and people around, along with spreading some valuable information. Hoping to see a Flash mob someday!


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