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When I put an end to my Compulsive Social Networking ‘Mania’

Should I call it a mania? Better you guys decide after reading this!

One fine day I woke up with a strange idea, and that was to deactivate my Facebook account for some time. I had no plans to hop-off the social network bandwagon, but really wanted a ‘normal’ life for myself for a few days, and wanted to start-off blogging and reading again, along with spending some time for some other things in life that I had almost forgotten for quite some time. The idea to shut-down the doors to social networking was due to the kind of compulsive social networking mania that I had for quite a long time, which took away my keenness in other things like reading and writing. I kind of felt a sense of guilt seeing my blog one day, and wanted to take up writing seriously and start off again with some good blog posts.

Facebook had almost taken away a good amount of hours from my post-work time, and I was all in to uploading pictures, writing on walls, adding friends, and trying all the possible stuffs that I could do on Facebook, kind of literally hooked-on to it. After buying a mobile with in-built Facebook settings, things went from bad to worse that I had to literally stop me soon from going on more towards the craziness of Facebooking. Given that all my friends from are permanently signed into Facebook, I was all caught up in Facebook obsession and never bothered to realize the ‘social-media fatigue’ taking a toll on my mind and body. High-time to put a full stop, and I did it!

After 1 month of hibernation, I logged in to my account to check if I had lost my craziness, and luckily I was no longer madder after social networking. And by that time I had almost lost my ‘compulsive Facebooking’ and had started off my blogging and reading again. Now I logon to my account less frequently than before, and don’t go for stuffs other than what’s really needed, literally maintaining a low profile.

During the one month that I vanished from Facebook, people kept asking me where I disappeared and called me crazy. But I’m glad that I took the right decision at the right time. Now I have more time to write and read, interact with people, do creative and useful stuffs, and even go to bed early. Now I also do so many things good for my body and mind.

I don’t know if this happens to everyone out there, but I am sure that at least a few people who read this blog would agree with me that social networking websites somehow take away a good amount of time from our days, making us more and more sedentary, entangling us in the world of World Wide Web. If you all start giving a serious thought about the time that you guys spend on social networking websites, I am sure you all are going to get shocked seeing the result.

Find Happiness in Small Things

Right from Monday to Friday, the one thing that we all wait for is the weekend, to dump all those boring and tiresome works, to get away from those stress inducing works and deadlines, hurtful computer monitor, and irksome and gossip loving colleagues. I am no different from you all, or I would rather go extra mile when it comes to weekend planning, as I have been living in various hostels since the last few years. Weekends are times to be with my mom and dad. Well, if I am not planning to visit them I try to be in my room and hardly go out in the city. Yes I prefer being alone there. Don’t get me wrong, I have many reasons to say so. But I won’t be surprised even if you call odd, monotonous.  For most of the people out, weekend remind them of hard partying, and travelling. I don’t want to say that I don’t like travelling, yea, I do, but only when my mind really wants. Otherwise I prefer being in my room.

My weekend is tad different those who believe in ‘Work hard and party harder’ theory. But I have a lot of things to make me happier on those two days. Watching a beautiful sunrise sipping my coffee, relaxing on my bed, enjoying a worth reading article or book, watching my favorite Tom and Jerry cartoons and Charlie Chaplin movies, taking long baths humming my favorite songs, a sumptuous lunch, a quiet afternoon nap, walking through the garden in front of my hostel in the evening, going to temples nearby, they all make me feel so happy and relaxed than taking long journeys and coming back to office tired and exhausted. Clichéd but it’s true that there’s of lot of happiness in doing such small things during weekends to keep me relaxed. Often small, and costs nothing, but the tenderness of those enticingly simple things make a world of difference and fill-in a lot of happiness in me. Always caught in my daily rushes, I make sure to safeguard my weekends, so that I can get zealously absorbed in my own pursuits and relish every moment of those two days.  I am not sure how many of you will agree with my idea or try enjoying such small things, but give it some thought because such smaller things won’t cost you the world, but gives you a world of joy back.