Find Happiness in Small Things

Right from Monday to Friday, the one thing that we all wait for is the weekend, to dump all those boring and tiresome works, to get away from those stress inducing works and deadlines, hurtful computer monitor, and irksome and gossip loving colleagues. I am no different from you all, or I would rather go extra mile when it comes to weekend planning, as I have been living in various hostels since the last few years. Weekends are times to be with my mom and dad. Well, if I am not planning to visit them I try to be in my room and hardly go out in the city. Yes I prefer being alone there. Don’t get me wrong, I have many reasons to say so. But I won’t be surprised even if you call odd, monotonous.  For most of the people out, weekend remind them of hard partying, and travelling. I don’t want to say that I don’t like travelling, yea, I do, but only when my mind really wants. Otherwise I prefer being in my room.

My weekend is tad different those who believe in ‘Work hard and party harder’ theory. But I have a lot of things to make me happier on those two days. Watching a beautiful sunrise sipping my coffee, relaxing on my bed, enjoying a worth reading article or book, watching my favorite Tom and Jerry cartoons and Charlie Chaplin movies, taking long baths humming my favorite songs, a sumptuous lunch, a quiet afternoon nap, walking through the garden in front of my hostel in the evening, going to temples nearby, they all make me feel so happy and relaxed than taking long journeys and coming back to office tired and exhausted. Clichéd but it’s true that there’s of lot of happiness in doing such small things during weekends to keep me relaxed. Often small, and costs nothing, but the tenderness of those enticingly simple things make a world of difference and fill-in a lot of happiness in me. Always caught in my daily rushes, I make sure to safeguard my weekends, so that I can get zealously absorbed in my own pursuits and relish every moment of those two days.  I am not sure how many of you will agree with my idea or try enjoying such small things, but give it some thought because such smaller things won’t cost you the world, but gives you a world of joy back.


3 responses

  1. nice post! and welcome back…i think u r posting after a long time…gr8 to see u again…

  2. Thanks dear. Yea, writing after a long time. 🙂

  3. I am reminded of Chethan Bhagat saying, the remaining 50 years of life is the yearning for 25000 weekends.Gud article…

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