When I put an end to my Compulsive Social Networking ‘Mania’

Should I call it a mania? Better you guys decide after reading this!

One fine day I woke up with a strange idea, and that was to deactivate my Facebook account for some time. I had no plans to hop-off the social network bandwagon, but really wanted a ‘normal’ life for myself for a few days, and wanted to start-off blogging and reading again, along with spending some time for some other things in life that I had almost forgotten for quite some time. The idea to shut-down the doors to social networking was due to the kind of compulsive social networking mania that I had for quite a long time, which took away my keenness in other things like reading and writing. I kind of felt a sense of guilt seeing my blog one day, and wanted to take up writing seriously and start off again with some good blog posts.

Facebook had almost taken away a good amount of hours from my post-work time, and I was all in to uploading pictures, writing on walls, adding friends, and trying all the possible stuffs that I could do on Facebook, kind of literally hooked-on to it. After buying a mobile with in-built Facebook settings, things went from bad to worse that I had to literally stop me soon from going on more towards the craziness of Facebooking. Given that all my friends from are permanently signed into Facebook, I was all caught up in Facebook obsession and never bothered to realize the ‘social-media fatigue’ taking a toll on my mind and body. High-time to put a full stop, and I did it!

After 1 month of hibernation, I logged in to my account to check if I had lost my craziness, and luckily I was no longer madder after social networking. And by that time I had almost lost my ‘compulsive Facebooking’ and had started off my blogging and reading again. Now I logon to my account less frequently than before, and don’t go for stuffs other than what’s really needed, literally maintaining a low profile.

During the one month that I vanished from Facebook, people kept asking me where I disappeared and called me crazy. But I’m glad that I took the right decision at the right time. Now I have more time to write and read, interact with people, do creative and useful stuffs, and even go to bed early. Now I also do so many things good for my body and mind.

I don’t know if this happens to everyone out there, but I am sure that at least a few people who read this blog would agree with me that social networking websites somehow take away a good amount of time from our days, making us more and more sedentary, entangling us in the world of World Wide Web. If you all start giving a serious thought about the time that you guys spend on social networking websites, I am sure you all are going to get shocked seeing the result.


2 responses

  1. so true…i had been that way a year ago…but i love blogging too so i kept coming back in between…nice to see u back…gr8 post…n nothing in life has to rule us if we don't let it and what's facebook…its just a website, if u don't want to use it u don't have to…we were fine when we didn't even have facebook n we will be fine now…last year i took a break from it for 5 months n i found out that i didn't really miss it so much…n nw i'm glad to say i'm no longer obsessed with it.

  2. Thanks for the comment dear. 🙂 What you said is really true. We are the masters, and a website should never become our master. I am also no longer obsessed with Facebook.

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