Being ‘Manly’

The title of the article was so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing nonstop for almost minutes together.  It read ‘Are Modern Men Manly Enough?’, and had along with it the photo of a man getting a facial & a pedicure. For a moment, I felt as if I am looking at the picture of a woman, sitting in a parlor & getting herself beautified. I know that manly doesn’t mean just beefy – bulged with muscles, but it doesn’t mean truly ‘androgynic ‘either. Looking at it from a woman’s viewpoint, generally, the word ‘manly’ has some really vivid corporeal images that most of the women have been carrying in their head at all time. To mention a few, he is the kind of guy with that thick  yet well shaped mustache, dusky skinned, with a little hairy limbs and broader shoulders, who can do some of those hardest tasks easily with his strong hands.  One knows very well that they don’t match with the way modern men are. Or should say it’s almost impossible to find someone akin-to masculine concepts. 
Oddly paradoxical to these images, today’s man goes around clad in skinny low-waist jeans & body hugging t-shirts, spends inordinate amount time at the gym to make sure that his waist doesn’t expand beyond 32 inches , visit beauty parlors for pedicures and facials, and take too-much care for ‘pinpoint perfect’ & metro- sexual looks. Taking inspiration of those ‘A listed’ actors who are ready to do even bird poop facials & wax their chests to get themselves in to the skin of a typical metro – sexual dude, nowadays  men love to have clean shaven face, waxed chest,& faultless hair, making them look more womanish than manly. But there’s something that keeps one wondering? Are these exfoliated, ideally carved faces & its paradigmatic perfection what women really want & look for in men? And should men really go so far to get the ‘immaculate’ metro -sexual looks?  This kind of obsession is almost that equal of not being “a man”.
Many of the folks preen in front of the mirrors for minutes together being too over conscious about their ‘beauty’ looks than the ‘handsome’ one. This metro-sexual syndrome has actually brought along with it ‘skinnier, trendier and prettier’ umpteen ‘womanly looking men’ with more or less androgynous appearances; and everything done in the name of hygiene. There’s nothing wrong in being hygienic, but men should never go overboard and cripple their looks.
For a man to be truly manly, he has to look totally normal, with the very raw appeal which he is naturally gifted with. World would call him man, real man, and the others….

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