Some annoying seatmates

It’s always good to watch women with long and well maintained hair, and I don’t miss even a single chance to appreciate women with luscious knee length hair. But even beauty can be annoying, if you cannot handle it with care. This is the message that I got a after a long two hour irritating journey from the city to my hometown yesterday. As usual I boarded the bus from the bus stop and took a seat in the second row, close to an epitome of every man’s fantasy, with her impressive tresses left untied, floating in the wind. I was busy getting my ticket, and didn’t pay much attention to the blonde beauty sitting next to me. But I was forced to notice her in a minute or two, when her locks started flowing in the opposite direction, finding its way into my eyes and mouth, literally trespassing into them uncouthly. Though I said I am an ardent fan of women with long tresses, mine is quite too short, till my shoulders, mainly because of the lack of time to maintain my curls. When it’s short, it’s easily manageable, and while travelling I can cover it with a stylish scarf, to doll-up myself, and prevent my hair from finding its way to others’ mouth. I told my fellow passenger aka ‘Miss Beautiful Hair’ to take control of her naughty locks, and she was ‘merciful’ enough to say sorry, and to put her hair towards the other side of her shoulder. What a relief!

After getting rid of the ‘intruders’, I was almost on the verge of getting a good sleep, when I felt something irritatingly moving all over my face. Woke up in anger, and I saw aka ‘Miss Beautiful Hair’ who was still looking out and watching the greenery, when her dear long locks started enjoying the beauty of my eyes and mouth again. Irritatingly inside, yet pleasingly outside, I requested her to take control of the ‘intruders‘, and once again she ‘kind-heartedly’ said sorry for the second time, and took her naught curls away. I prayed, “Not again my god!” It seems god missed my prayers, as, it didn’t take even 10 minutes for her locks to come back, and stroke me all-overs my face. I was very annoyed, but soon felt my annoyance is not going to help me get-rid-of this nuisance. I turned to her with a little ‘wicked’ smile, and started ‘divulging’ my ‘knowledge’ and ‘secrets’ about healthy hair, as if I am a hair expert, and warned about the aftershocks of leaving hair open while travelling, and shared those inflated after-effects including never ending split ends and hair falling problems that she will have if she leaves tresses untied while travelling. Thank god, that worked wonders, and you know what? Till I reached my hometown, I was extremely comfortable, and felt as if her locks almost forgot the way to my eyes and mouth!

PS – To all my dear female readers – Please don’t leave tresses untied when you travel. There is nothing more irritating than someone else’s hair stroking your face with ultimate pleasure.


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