The reasons why the writer in me gets stuck-up at times

It’s almost three months since wrote something on by blog. To be frank, long breaks like this started happening ever since I began handling multiple profiles at the same time, writing content, doing site audits, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and so many other things, apart from taking time to read and understand the innovations in industry technologies, changes in the world of SEO, and the advancements in Google algos. Oh, boy! They are all very interesting and I love doing them, but gets a bit tougher when they all come together, and I truly long-for 25-26 hours per day, to do all my tasks flawlessly. By flawlessly I don’t mean that I am not doing things perfectly right now. Yes, I try my best to do things faultlessly within the scheduled time, but, ‘perfect’ for me means satisfying me completely, to the very 100%,  which I don’t get at times (to be frank).  In spite of all these, I’ve always wanted to write some interesting daily activities and thoughts, and have always wanted to share them with the ‘limited’, yet very generous readers of my blog.  But, by the time I finish my work, and reach my hostel, I would not have the creative mind or the patience to note them down in the way I want, mainly because I am a bit too obsessed with perfectionism, and hate seeing a post that doesn’t appear good to me. Moreover, when it comes to writing something for my blog, I really do think too much about what I am writing down, which kind of paralyzes, and stops me from jotting down some good ideas that I have in mind. Tiredness and strained tranquility to think about a topic for my blog, I would end up getting lazy, postponing blogging every day; and here ends three months since I last wrote something.
Yes, I very well know that all these cannot be counted as an excuse for killing my writing skills, as there are many others out there, juggling really hard every day, and yet taking time to write some wonderful blog posts that we all love to read and enjoy. Even I never miss such posts and always keep wondering how they manage to do this amid all the hectic schedules that they have every day.  In fact, I had actually tried writing quite a few posts in the past three months, and left all of them half the way, thinking they may turnout nonsensical, and people who read may poke fun at me for writing such stupid posts that don’t have any relevance at all. To put it shortly, I have wasted pretty good time looking for ‘no-nonsensical’ topics, and ended up doing nothing for such a long time! Or rather, the urge for perfectionism overpowered me completely, and added to that was a little bit of laziness or a kind of feeling that I get really too tired to write something after my office hours. So I just thought I should do something very quickly, or at least share this as a post, and drive-away the ‘writer’s worry’ out of my mind, and try my best to be consistent hereafter, by posting something regularly on my blog.
So, longing for spontaneity in ideas that can help me in the coming days, I am signing off for now!

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