Read & comment, but with dignity

When it comes to reading my blog, many people have been really ‘generous’ to me, right from the very day I started writing. Be it discrepancies, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, or repetition of ideas, they have always taken time to let me know where I’ve wrong, thus helping me make my blog better day by day.  But one among the comments that I got last week was a bit too disappointing that it took me no time to trash it from my inbox. With an offensive and sexual undertone, the reader showed me the right example of how people can really stoop down to the lowest level possible, for absolutely no fault of mine.   The comment had nothing to do with the post I had written, and was in no way related to the theme of my blog.  For a moment, I was a bit upset and heartbroken reading the comment, and the next moment I looked at the hilarious side of it and laughed my head off!  A totally ‘non-adult’ & independent post my ‘big-hearted’ reader horny, and that is ‘big’ news for me! I felt I should be really happy about my writing skills, rather than getting upset about a comment from a moron who was busy jacking off, rather than reading my blog.

Be it mine or someone else’s article/blog, reading carefully & commenting on it is something really wonderful, as it helps the writer know how others take-in her ideas, and how she should tailor her ideas and writing style, to make the upcoming posts better and interesting. I’ve always welcomed both good comments and criticisms whole heartedly, and have tried my best to correct myself, and write better posts next time.  However, by giving an unrelated, offensive, crude, or vulgar comment, no one would cut a heroic figure, but may rather make a fool of them, with their crude and disrespectful lingo.  Comment with dignity & I would love to hear from you all, but don’t stoop down to the level of a gigolo!


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