Head Vs. Heart

How often do you do things instinctively, listening to your ‘gut feelings’? If you ask me, I don’t think I will have too many occasions to mention, as I am not really an impetuous woman, and don’t follow my heart much. The reason is that I am a bit too conscious of the outcome, and that makes me ignore my heart and ‘listen to my brain’. To put plainly, ‘rational’ thoughts often override the immediate ‘gut feelings’.

There were many occasions in my life, when I really wanted ‘to go with my heart’. But, let me confess that I’ve hardly had the courage for doing that, because, my mind often kept cautioning me about the possible “what ifs” & the probable embarrassing social faux pas that I may face, thus making me choose the ‘cautious’ side, because I really don’t have the courage to make ‘mindful mistakes’. Whenever I want to take-up what my heart says, my head would keep pulling me from behind, and I would start moving to the logic and rationale side, leaving away what my heart’s response. By the time my thoughts move to action, I often end-up thinking more than I should, thus draining away all the energy that I have for the day.

To be frank, being premeditative is not something bad, as it’s always good to look carefully before you leap. But, what’s the fun in conscious decisions and too much calculated actions? I think life is worth taking some ‘small and medium sized’ risks, by trusting my gut feelings and focusing what my mind says, but unfortunately don’t feel courageous enough most of the times. As always, the wise and practical side would overpower the impulsive, reminding me about the possible consequences of my actions.

I am not taking about any of those life changing and life threatening situations, but about the “less dangerous” ones that we face daily, where we can liberally forget our “what if I look foolish” fear. I am waiting for the day my heart would furiously takes the lead against my head, winning at least one match, winning it on a solid grounding, playing a fair game. So when will it be “that day”? I don’t want to get absolutely torn between the head and the heart, as, the ‘sensible side’ is to listen to my heart, whereas the ‘human side’ is to listen to my heart. All I just want is to know how it would be, if I follow my heart.


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