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As the dress so the food

I’ve been a vegetarian throughout, and I would never regret for not having meat, not because my tongue has now been familiarized with having vegetarian foodstuffs all day long, and not at all because I believe I would be doing a terrible and unpardonable sin by killing animals and having their meat. It’s just because of the simple, basic fact that when I can have endless number of lip smacking vegetarian dishes whenever I feel like, why would I worry about not having meat, rather than focusing on what I have in my plate. Moreover, when it is about living in healthy way, a way that makes my body and mind calm and relaxed, why would I deny being a vegetarian. I would say it’s the best way to live. I agree that no one can be a rigid veggie and stop eating everything that contains meat or animal fat, because life would just turn out impossible. But it is not about 100% perfectionism. It’s about living a healthy life, devoid of things my body would be hesitant to welcome. It also makes me feel contended physically and emotionally.

My friends who are obsessively devoted to meat do keep asking the reason why I am a vegetarian, whether I’ve had any bitter childhood experiences that made me choose vegetarianism. I really don’t have any other answer for them, apart from the fact that I have limitless fantastic choices being a veggie and am extremely happy being this way. I am very happy with the endless delectable cuisines that I can have at home as well as outside. Hence I feel I need not look further for anything else that can please my stomach more. Some of my close friends always keep taunting me saying I am really missing the savory of some of the ‘scrumptious’ chicken, pork or turkey dishes by being a veggie. But I don’t think I am missing anything now or I would regret later at any point of my life, as I do have quite a good number of choices to savor equally tasty vegetarian dishes that are both yummy and healthy too. I always keep telling my friends that they don’t know how good it is being a vegetarian, and how thankful my stomach is, for not stuffing tons of fat deposits that would take hours and even days to digest.

Many would go gaga about the extra spicy meat dishes that they all would love to savor. But like I said before I am hardly bothered about what I don’t have because, what I have are so awesomely delicious that I don’t think I would be taking at least a second thinking about savoring any of those non vegetarian dishes.

We look before and after and…

Yesterday I happened to see a website of tarot cards, where they claim that they could predict one’s future just by making him/her pick three cards, which to me seems nothing but impossible. I am not skeptic nor am I the devil’s advocate to lure any one to disbelief. I am a staunch believer of god and I do pray, but that has hardly anything to do with going to a stranger or to a card website asking them to predict future from three totally unrelated cards. The only way to a bright and successful future is to live confidently in the present. I would say the present is the road towards a bright future, and none other than god can plan things that would happen in any one’s life. Yet, why people trust cards & go to strangers seeking answers to their ‘complex’ problems.

Be it a website or a person, they just open three cards and soon start telling the possible things (they claim) that would happen in one’s life soon. Or to put in a different way, they spread the cards and tell certain things that one would like to hear. It may sometimes help boosting one’s confidence to a very minimal extent and nothing beyond that. I’ve seen the most rational ones going for card websites, trying to seek solutions for the problems in their lives, or even to help them give clues to take some of the important decisions pertaining to life. That’s something hardly worth accepting, as I strongly believe and accept that no one other than the supreme power or god almighty can predict what would happen in the very next moment. That is why I keep wondering about the possible reason why people spend the precious time and money desperately trying to read their ‘future’ through those three different cards, the pictures of which are totally unrelated to their life. With due respect to all such people out there, I really feel that they should become more practical enough to believe in their ability, rather than in ‘blind predictions’. When we’re blessed with incredible potentials to reach the skies or even above it, it’s better not to underestimate them and go for these random predictions a total stranger makes, as it would be like mocking the innate gifts & capabilities that we are bestowed with.

Big forehead woes that I want to get rid of

If you ask me the worst feature that I have, without a second thought I can say that it’s my big forehead. A very high forehead, way too high enough to make you standout even in amid a huge crowd, is a bit too embarrassing, in spite of however beautiful you look. Sadly, I do have a high forehead, and I am totally clueless about the reason behind god almighty’s decision to gift me with something really very odd like this. Right from the day I was born, I’ve had this very ‘special looking’ hairline that’s quite ‘far-off from visibility’, and an extraordinary big forehead that people would look with much amusement for sometime before going gaga about being lucky to have a big forehead. But that’s too much a stupid way to pacify me! I’ve never found it too lucky, and nor had my hairstylist been really lucky enough to help me successfully hide my forehead, in spite of trying his best. Every time I visit the parlor, both of us would take one hell of a time to decide on what haircut would suit me and how I should do it in order to cover my forehead.

Over the years, I’ve tried my best to adopt all those really ‘safer’ hairstyles to hide my very high forehead, especially using fringes which they say are great to camouflage a big forehead. But even a very slow breeze would embarrass me by lifting those fringes up, and my forehead would soon appear from behind the curtain of hairs. No wonder why my students used to call me ET (Extra terrestrial)! With this very big forehead, I think ET would be the most appropriate nick name that they can bestow me with. I do keep grumbling, complaining, and whining every now and then, especially to my mom about why I look tad different from my sister and all my cousins. To be frank, I’ve also spend a good amount of time and money on hair straightening treatments, creams, shampoos, and conditioners to help me get flawless fringes that would cover my forehead, but after an extent I would look the same as before, failing hard to successfully hide my forehead. I would also like to share a secret with you all and that’s about the considerable amount of hair that I’ve lost throughout these years, experimenting various hairstyles.

But I think I’ve had enough all these years and I really want to stop thinking about my big forehead. This year, I’ve decided that I won’t be doing anything to deliberately hide it, because, I sadly understand the fact that as much as I don’t want to have it, it is something that I can never ever change in my life.

It’s Monday again!

Another Monday has rolled out so fast! Golden sunrays are filtering-in through my windows, and I haven’t yet gained the mood to hop off and begin the day. After those tranquil 24 hours, here’s another Monday, and things are jet lagging as always. I hardly get a day off from work, and that’s hardly enough to stretch a bit and savor some free time in the way I want. So, it’s a bit hard to get-up and start the weekdays all over again, which in no way means my work sucks like hell. I am absolutely fine with the idea of working 6 days a week, as I would have lots of things to read and write about. I do love and enjoy my work, and I am extremely happy being a writer. But this would somehow take the backseat, until I reach the doorsteps of my office, and till then sluggishness and Monday blues would hold on to me tightly, not letting lose their firm grip on my mind.

After a long session of grumbling and groaning about heading back to the office, I got in to my usual routine with a bit of unwillingness to forget the privileges that I had yesterday, one of those lovely lazy Sundays which had lots of free time for me to relax and do things that I love. Who can resist chatting with friends till midnight, and sleeping till next day afternoon?

When it comes to working as writer, it’s never a horrid idea, and I would say it’s one of the best jobs that a person can have, as you get diverse things to write about, rather than getting glued to one topic and same kind of work all the year long. So I don’t think I have ever dragged myself to wok any day, thinking about the relaxing weekends that I would get. Yet, Monday blues don’t go off so easily, especially during those few morning hours, even if I wish to pluck it way right from the root. This short yet vivid resistance to Monday is always within me deep inside, as an emotional alarm, always set to ring on every Monday morning, irrespective of whether I would have a hefty day or not. It’s short, and it would go by the time I set myself to start the day’s work, but till then, it masters my body and mind, making me feel so damn lazy beyond words.

Thankfully my Monday blues & me parted ways right at the door step of the office as usual, and I am here at my workplace, with piles of works to do.

My weight gain woes

I was never ravenous , and have never been a glutton. But by last September I had put-on oodles of weight and was finding it really hard to cope up with my weight gain. I just couldn’t! I desperately wanted to get back to shape, but definitely not due to the love for a zero sized figure, so don’t get me wrong. All that wanted was to get rid of the amount of extra fat deposits that I had gained. I knew I would have to work really hard, but I was not ready to give up, as my body had started showing me some really fearful warning signs that made me panic. But I didn’t know where to start. To be frank, I used to stand in front of the mirror staring at the reflection & wondering what to do to slim-down. It looked like a really mammoth task.

I think god had almost determined that I should chuck out my laziness and start doing something to prevent myself from getting more ‘inflated. Shifting to a room on the third floor of our hostel was never pre-planned, but I had no other room to choose when I rejoined the hostel. I had to climb almost 60 steps twice everyday! The very first step to shed a few kilos!

Things took a sudden turn when I met the girl next to my room who agreed to help me. An absolute fitness freak, she told me cut-down a few things from my diet. Yes, I knew I will have to curb my hunger, but had no other option left. Dinner was never a must and rice was not at all an unavoidable part of my life. So I was totally fine about having wheat bread or chappathis at night, instead of rice. But the major part of my long term goal was to cut-down the amount of snacks that I used to have post-office hours, but I knew that won’t be really easy. After a tiring day at the office, savoring those lip-smacking snacks is the ‘me time’ which I call the best part of my day, and sacrificing that looked almost impossible to me. To be frank, I’ve not bid good bye to snacks, but have reduced it to a considerable amount, choosing wheat bread and sugarless biscuits. But at times I still turn out to be like a teary eyed school girl, watching those doughnuts and pastries in the bakery, and yet force myself buy the days ‘ration’, a packet of wheat bread, and rush from there without getting more tempted. It’s really hard doing all these, but has helped me become healthier looking than before.

It’s been almost three months since I had a heavy meal, and I know that I still crave for those paneer dishes, samosa chats, pastries, and many other things that I had liberally enjoyed for quite a long time. I do cheat myself a bit by having some of these once in a while, may be once in a month or so. But, I am happy that I’ve lost those really dirty fat deposits that used to scare me some time back. Still I have a long way to go!