My weight gain woes

I was never ravenous , and have never been a glutton. But by last September I had put-on oodles of weight and was finding it really hard to cope up with my weight gain. I just couldn’t! I desperately wanted to get back to shape, but definitely not due to the love for a zero sized figure, so don’t get me wrong. All that wanted was to get rid of the amount of extra fat deposits that I had gained. I knew I would have to work really hard, but I was not ready to give up, as my body had started showing me some really fearful warning signs that made me panic. But I didn’t know where to start. To be frank, I used to stand in front of the mirror staring at the reflection & wondering what to do to slim-down. It looked like a really mammoth task.

I think god had almost determined that I should chuck out my laziness and start doing something to prevent myself from getting more ‘inflated. Shifting to a room on the third floor of our hostel was never pre-planned, but I had no other room to choose when I rejoined the hostel. I had to climb almost 60 steps twice everyday! The very first step to shed a few kilos!

Things took a sudden turn when I met the girl next to my room who agreed to help me. An absolute fitness freak, she told me cut-down a few things from my diet. Yes, I knew I will have to curb my hunger, but had no other option left. Dinner was never a must and rice was not at all an unavoidable part of my life. So I was totally fine about having wheat bread or chappathis at night, instead of rice. But the major part of my long term goal was to cut-down the amount of snacks that I used to have post-office hours, but I knew that won’t be really easy. After a tiring day at the office, savoring those lip-smacking snacks is the ‘me time’ which I call the best part of my day, and sacrificing that looked almost impossible to me. To be frank, I’ve not bid good bye to snacks, but have reduced it to a considerable amount, choosing wheat bread and sugarless biscuits. But at times I still turn out to be like a teary eyed school girl, watching those doughnuts and pastries in the bakery, and yet force myself buy the days ‘ration’, a packet of wheat bread, and rush from there without getting more tempted. It’s really hard doing all these, but has helped me become healthier looking than before.

It’s been almost three months since I had a heavy meal, and I know that I still crave for those paneer dishes, samosa chats, pastries, and many other things that I had liberally enjoyed for quite a long time. I do cheat myself a bit by having some of these once in a while, may be once in a month or so. But, I am happy that I’ve lost those really dirty fat deposits that used to scare me some time back. Still I have a long way to go!


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