It’s Monday again!

Another Monday has rolled out so fast! Golden sunrays are filtering-in through my windows, and I haven’t yet gained the mood to hop off and begin the day. After those tranquil 24 hours, here’s another Monday, and things are jet lagging as always. I hardly get a day off from work, and that’s hardly enough to stretch a bit and savor some free time in the way I want. So, it’s a bit hard to get-up and start the weekdays all over again, which in no way means my work sucks like hell. I am absolutely fine with the idea of working 6 days a week, as I would have lots of things to read and write about. I do love and enjoy my work, and I am extremely happy being a writer. But this would somehow take the backseat, until I reach the doorsteps of my office, and till then sluggishness and Monday blues would hold on to me tightly, not letting lose their firm grip on my mind.

After a long session of grumbling and groaning about heading back to the office, I got in to my usual routine with a bit of unwillingness to forget the privileges that I had yesterday, one of those lovely lazy Sundays which had lots of free time for me to relax and do things that I love. Who can resist chatting with friends till midnight, and sleeping till next day afternoon?

When it comes to working as writer, it’s never a horrid idea, and I would say it’s one of the best jobs that a person can have, as you get diverse things to write about, rather than getting glued to one topic and same kind of work all the year long. So I don’t think I have ever dragged myself to wok any day, thinking about the relaxing weekends that I would get. Yet, Monday blues don’t go off so easily, especially during those few morning hours, even if I wish to pluck it way right from the root. This short yet vivid resistance to Monday is always within me deep inside, as an emotional alarm, always set to ring on every Monday morning, irrespective of whether I would have a hefty day or not. It’s short, and it would go by the time I set myself to start the day’s work, but till then, it masters my body and mind, making me feel so damn lazy beyond words.

Thankfully my Monday blues & me parted ways right at the door step of the office as usual, and I am here at my workplace, with piles of works to do.


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  1. your style of writing has expressed it so beautifully that anybody reading this article would really feel that this is their own experience! kudos! 🙂

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