We look before and after and…

Yesterday I happened to see a website of tarot cards, where they claim that they could predict one’s future just by making him/her pick three cards, which to me seems nothing but impossible. I am not skeptic nor am I the devil’s advocate to lure any one to disbelief. I am a staunch believer of god and I do pray, but that has hardly anything to do with going to a stranger or to a card website asking them to predict future from three totally unrelated cards. The only way to a bright and successful future is to live confidently in the present. I would say the present is the road towards a bright future, and none other than god can plan things that would happen in any one’s life. Yet, why people trust cards & go to strangers seeking answers to their ‘complex’ problems.

Be it a website or a person, they just open three cards and soon start telling the possible things (they claim) that would happen in one’s life soon. Or to put in a different way, they spread the cards and tell certain things that one would like to hear. It may sometimes help boosting one’s confidence to a very minimal extent and nothing beyond that. I’ve seen the most rational ones going for card websites, trying to seek solutions for the problems in their lives, or even to help them give clues to take some of the important decisions pertaining to life. That’s something hardly worth accepting, as I strongly believe and accept that no one other than the supreme power or god almighty can predict what would happen in the very next moment. That is why I keep wondering about the possible reason why people spend the precious time and money desperately trying to read their ‘future’ through those three different cards, the pictures of which are totally unrelated to their life. With due respect to all such people out there, I really feel that they should become more practical enough to believe in their ability, rather than in ‘blind predictions’. When we’re blessed with incredible potentials to reach the skies or even above it, it’s better not to underestimate them and go for these random predictions a total stranger makes, as it would be like mocking the innate gifts & capabilities that we are bestowed with.


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  2. Money is the base of everything now. He has money, she has money, they have money and of course I too need it

  3. It is easy to say that you need to believe in yourself, but not everyone is blessed with the required self confidence. if I am not wrong, even Hanuman, whom Hindus consider to be a god, needed to be coaxed and convinced that he in fact could jump across the ocean. Many a times, people need a slight push 🙂
    But saying this does not mean that I am justifying the manner in which some people hoodwink a section of the society.

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