As the dress so the food

I’ve been a vegetarian throughout, and I would never regret for not having meat, not because my tongue has now been familiarized with having vegetarian foodstuffs all day long, and not at all because I believe I would be doing a terrible and unpardonable sin by killing animals and having their meat. It’s just because of the simple, basic fact that when I can have endless number of lip smacking vegetarian dishes whenever I feel like, why would I worry about not having meat, rather than focusing on what I have in my plate. Moreover, when it is about living in healthy way, a way that makes my body and mind calm and relaxed, why would I deny being a vegetarian. I would say it’s the best way to live. I agree that no one can be a rigid veggie and stop eating everything that contains meat or animal fat, because life would just turn out impossible. But it is not about 100% perfectionism. It’s about living a healthy life, devoid of things my body would be hesitant to welcome. It also makes me feel contended physically and emotionally.

My friends who are obsessively devoted to meat do keep asking the reason why I am a vegetarian, whether I’ve had any bitter childhood experiences that made me choose vegetarianism. I really don’t have any other answer for them, apart from the fact that I have limitless fantastic choices being a veggie and am extremely happy being this way. I am very happy with the endless delectable cuisines that I can have at home as well as outside. Hence I feel I need not look further for anything else that can please my stomach more. Some of my close friends always keep taunting me saying I am really missing the savory of some of the ‘scrumptious’ chicken, pork or turkey dishes by being a veggie. But I don’t think I am missing anything now or I would regret later at any point of my life, as I do have quite a good number of choices to savor equally tasty vegetarian dishes that are both yummy and healthy too. I always keep telling my friends that they don’t know how good it is being a vegetarian, and how thankful my stomach is, for not stuffing tons of fat deposits that would take hours and even days to digest.

Many would go gaga about the extra spicy meat dishes that they all would love to savor. But like I said before I am hardly bothered about what I don’t have because, what I have are so awesomely delicious that I don’t think I would be taking at least a second thinking about savoring any of those non vegetarian dishes.


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  1. Egjactly! when there are so much of vegetarian choices, why become non-veg, just for the heck of it. Equating bein a veggie wid bitter childhood experience, now that's ridiculous!!

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