Ask me the about the animal I hate the most and I wouldn’t even take a second to start explaining how much I hate cats. Don’t jump in to an immediate conclusion that I am a firm believer of the so called omens and witchcraft which keeps saying cats are bad and they represent the evil. I am certainly not in to any such irrational beliefs, but I do have quite a few genuine reasons that provoke me hate cats, and the most important is that they are unhygienic and ill-mannered to the very core. They would peep in to any place they feel like, freely roam about here and there with absolute freedom, and still remain as the most unfaithful. When it comes to animals, although I am not a dog lover, I would say dogs are way far better than cats. Even though both are given a ‘human like’ consideration by most of the people around, I can surely say that dogs are much more faithful than cats, as I have always seen cats taking pretty good advantage of the good nature of human beings, where as dogs often remain loyal to us. Even more lovable are animals like cows and goats, but I really don’t have any sentiments towards cats. Even their looks are often so deceptive that at times after making up my mind to give a bit of food from my plate; I change my opinion at the last moment, seeing the cunning looks they have, which often makes me feel that they would pounce on to me the very next moment they complete the food. I hate them more when I see them in our mess hall, coming close to me slowly and rubbing their faces and bodies against my legs. We have a bizarrely shiny eyed black little cat, which looks more or less like the one of those much needed characters in the ghost stories that I have read in childhood. There is nothing worse than seeing it in the morning, coming close when I am having my breakfast.

Although there are many cat lovers in our hostel, who keep petting it, I just can’t fathom why people have so much love cats, which are the most detestable, just because of being so unhygienic with its fur falling constantly, making huge patches on its body. Of course, I am not as hardhearted as you think, and have the very innate human feelings. I do feel bad for it, and would keep wondering if it has any disease or how many more days will it survive, but I just hate seeing it walking straight in to our kitchen roaming around with pride, and sitting in the corner of the kitchen as if it’s entitled to monitor the people out there. Cat fur, I think, is the worst thing that our skin comes in contact with as it would trigger endless number of allergies which need prolonged medications. I think I needn’t say any more strong reasons to hate cats.


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