Laugh, laugh, and laugh to live

Laugh for the sake of laughing! When I was told that someone is to reach the office to teach us how to laugh for no reason, I was really dumbstruck. At first I felt it’s downright craziness to laugh for no reason, but heard my colleagues saying that it is a kind of yoga, the Laughter Yoga, which is practiced widely across the globe, Obviously, my curiosity increased and I was really looking forward to know how it would be and how can someone laugh without any reason, which is absolutely illogical to my sense. Laughing is undoubtedly good for body, but I felt no one can laugh without some humor, jokes or comedy. I truly believe laughter has to come from within, straight from your mind, and that’s possible only with a funny sight or an amusing story/incident, which would trigger the mind and tempt to laugh lungs out. But what if asked to laugh without any specific reason to mention, without any trigger to instigate the process? I felt it is almost impossible. So I was very much eager to know what the Laughter Guru is going to make us do. After hours of wait, there came our Guruji and I was surprised to the core seeing his outfits, especially those shoes. I’ve never seen anyone in my life yet, who can courageously wear such bright, flashy, and multi -coloured outfits in public, which almost made him look odd, and adding to my shock was the colour of his shoes, as he had different shoes on each of his legs, one white and the other black. I was not sure whether he did all these intentionally or not, but, to be frank, I burst in to laughter the moment I saw him, as he looked so clownish beyond words, and was laughing almost non-stop seeing us.

I felt he would have something to make us laugh, though I didn’t have much interest in the ‘Yoga’ side of his session. The 30-45 minutes laughing session was filled with quite a few hilarious ‘exercises’ which our laughter professional said would help us relax amid our stressful work schedules. I am yet to figure out the ‘science’ behind those ‘exercises’ that I was taught, but I have to admit that I laughed a lot, really a lot that I my jaws started paining after sometime, but yet I was laughing nonstop till the end. I admit I laughed, I laughed like hell, and if you ask me why, I have no specific reason to mention. But I would say one thing. More than the ‘exercises’ and looks of our guru, what triggered laughter in me was the kind of funny things that I saw others were doing, especially those people with ‘serious looks’ and ‘fewer words’, who have never laughed so much yet (as far as I know). They were all serious till that very moment, but looked as laughing like crazy that I was so amazed to know how it happened. So more than looking at the guru, I was crazily looking at others and laughing my lungs out seeing them laughing deliriously out of nowhere. The amusingly crazy session ended with a thank you note and an invitation to attend another session the very next day.


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