I’ve chosen to be patient, to be happy

Anger has always given me hard times, by poking its dirty long nose unexpectedly at many situations in my life. This is no way means I am a short tempered person who would get angry even for the slightest possible reason that I can find out. Yes, I annoyed at times, but only for those genuine reasons that I can best explain, and one among them is the scornful remarks of those who are keen on digging-out my mistakes, purposefully overlooking the umpteen things they I am good in. But I will soon get-over this and will move on, as I am tired freaking out at such people and really don’t want to be affected by their venomous remarks.

I used to get badly irritated when people deliberately pointed out the negatives in me or my works, purposefully avoiding all the positives. This irritated more when I used to put in hours of hard work and patience in to what I assigned to do, only to find that they all go unnoticed, and only that slightest & accidental error from my end is getting highlighted in front of others. Even though I very well know that no one can be perfect in life and do thing flawlessly, it’s too devastating to hear people reiterate the negatives non-stop, while purposefully forgetting the umpteen positives. I think I can site so many situations of this kind, which has happened in my professional as well as personal life, where I had been so desperate to explain how much dedicated I was and the amount of hard work that I had put-in to make things as perfect as possible. All in vain! Some people around say I do have a bad inferiority complex and that I should pluck it out from my mind very soon, before it ruins me. But I know I am not inferior, and have strong faith in me and my capabilities. All that I can’t stand is people who lack the ability to find positives in me and my works.

Now, I am slowly trying to stop giving those frantic replies, and wait for my turn to calmly explain my end. Yes, with age comes wisdom, and I am learning the wiser ways that are working wonders these days. After the best efforts to explain my part, I deliberately make sure not to worry if the hearer is not satisfied, and make my mind understand that I’ve done my part in the best possible way.  Fortunately I am having many more stress-free experiences that before dealing with those unhappy ones around who are keen on numbering what went wrong rather than looking at what all went right.

From my experience, I would say it’s always better to stop being frenetic, as I’ve understood that there is a majority out there who are ‘blessed’ enough to remember negative things more strongly and in more detail. Yes, they do irritate me, but I try not to get annoyed like before! Why bother to mess with them when I know what I am capable of?

Pointing out someone’s negative side is not at all a bad practice, if people are generous enough to balance it with equal amount of positives, thus helping the person boost his ability work more on his capabilities. But if a review is one-sided and biased, containing only a list of negatives, I am sure it would do no good to anyone, not only to me, but also to others, and will in turn take away the enthusiasm and vigor of the hearer.


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