Too serious to handle

How good are you in handling people who are too silent and serious all the time, and can’t handle even a joke? Being moderately serious is almost excusable, but, it’s too awful to be in the company of people who are masters of the artless art of spreading glumness through unnecessary seriousness. Be in their presence for a moment and they would soon cover your surroundings with a dreadful shadow, as they always have the immense capability of draining out the vigor and cheeriness of people in their proximity. I’ve experienced this many times in my life, so if you ask me, I would say I am not big-hearted enough to handle them and the huge amount of ‘heaviness’ that they forcefully share with others. What keeps me wondering is the reason why they put-in the mask of seriousness all day long and suck the life out of others? I do agree that life has lots of tough situations, and everyone has their share of happiness and sadness in life, but this in no way means one has to be dead serious all the time. In spite of all the bad situations that we have, life is never biased and has equal share of happiness for everyone, but putting in serious faces and indulging in serious thoughts would do no good and would sneakily veil the share of happiness that we are gifted with, thus making us view only the serious and sadder part of life.

If you really don’t want to drain-away the happiness in your mind and feel exhausted and depressed, I would say it’s always better to diplomatically and tactfully avoid people who are blessed enough to inflate even the lightest day today situations, and make them as heaviest as possible.  Just run away from them before they take hold of your mind, and inject-in the ‘fatally poisonous’ seriousness and numbness that they always carry, and are too generous to share with others. Be it a person or a topic, I carefully try and avoid the unscrupulous exploitation or kind of vampirism that these people indulge in, with their numb presence and sober, grumpy talks, thus making others instinctively feel unsafe, anxious, and depressed. I used to think that I can give my best smile and remain completely detached from such people and their talks, but unfortunately, some are too immune to my smile therapy and I miserably fail, thus desperately looking for the best possible way to get-away.

Many people do have this misconception that looking dead serious is the sign of intelligence and sensibility.  They are utterly wrong and I am sure they would never know about how the really intelligent people take-up life with ease and lightness that would lighten the mind and help it release some clearer and vivid thoughts that can initiate a bunch of sensible actions to make life worth living.

Serious people and their burdened minds can change only if they voluntarily change their attitude towards life and people around.   Or else, they would never ever taste the better side of life, and would end up living a numb life filled in with serious thoughts, right from the minute they get up, until they go to bed.


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