My cooking woes

Eating a scrumptious meal is always relishable, but when it comes to cooking, I sneakily getaway with the excuse that I was in various hostels during a major share of my teen hood, which took away the precious time to learn the art of making delectable dishes. I never daringly take cooking seriously, as I always have this innate feeling that I would turn out to be the worst cook, spoiling someone’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner for no reason of their own. I cook only when I am desperately in need of food, and don’t have any other option left, but to cook something for myself. But almost 99% of the food I make, even when take the help of a recipe book, are not really as edible as they should be, and this shatters my entire confidence to cook for somebody else other than myself.  Every time I cook something, the food will be often just worth eating, and never carry that wow factor which I would expect, no matter however hard I try. Am I expecting too much? I really don’t know. But I’ve always wished to replicate my mom’s dishes in their entire perfection, but have never yet been successful in my efforts.

There used to be a time when I thought I would become a clever homemaker and a good cook.  But that was just a misconception and would never become an actuality. The dishes that I cook are either average or at times a bit horrendous. It’s a terrible shame that even after being a foodie and having a liking for cooking, I can never serve a fantastic meal. Being in a very Indian ambiance  I keep hearing the comment that I would become a really lousy wife as I am not good in cooking delectable dishes. But is marriage all about displaying your culinary skills?

Not knowing cooking doesn’t mean I am lazy and slyly getaway from other works at home. I am too good in all the other household works like washing and cleaning, and always make sure to do them to the best of my efforts.  Sunday is the only holiday that I am blessed with, and I always make sure to take time and help my mom, no matter however tired I am. But I think cooking is just not my cup of tea, or to be more emphatic, I fear I can never become a good cook anytime in my life.  It’s not that I am not interested in learning, as I do adore master chefs like Vikas Khanna, and would love took dishes half as good as his, but to be frank I do have huge lack of confidence in my culinary expertise,  for some really unknown reasons.

My mom is a superb cook, and so was my grand mom. Even my younger sister is no different, but I am tad different from all the three and at times feel embarrassed seeing my younger sister cooking delicious meals, while I cling on to mom for help, or find a packet of Maggie noodles to satisfy my appetite.


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