Feminism is not ‘man hating’

What’s more ridiculous than people calling me a feminist when they hear that I am not yet married? They strongly feel I hate men, which they think would have made me choose to live as a spinster. How terribly wrong! I don’t hate men, but do hate the class of ‘man hating’ feminists and their stupid conclusions about men.

At times I laugh my lungs out hearing them, but many times I never bother to give any clarification, as I know it won’t make any change. This is because, feminism, to most of the people out there, is nothing but hating men and speaking ill about them, which I think is nothing worse than the height of sheer absurdity.  If they feel feminism is bearing awful vengeance against the whole male community and making hateful statements against them openly, I can never say anything but sympathize on their brainless thoughts. To be frank, I keep wondering at the reason why many of those well established feminist organisations keep mum and do nothing to educate such brainless people and stop them from spreading these ridiculous statements against a movement which has been scientifically and meticulously defined by umpteen clever women, throughout the ages.

I am not delving in to any the theoretical side of feminism, but as a woman, I think feminism is not about hating men and carrying a huge amount of awfulness, but focusing on the core issues that women face these days, and tackling them to the best of our efforts.  It’s about ending up atrocities against women, thus making sure that our country is a better place for women to live in, so that there are no more Nirbhayas & Daminis in our country. Women should be free to walk safely, should have the liberty to get proper education and decent jobs to help them stand on their own feet, and should have the right to marry on their own will. Marital rapes, child abuses, forceful marriages, and all mayhems should no more happen in our society. I think, is about giving women the chance to live life on their own will, without the fear of getting abused, neither by thugs nor by patriarchal minded males. Unfortunately, such genuine needs are not given adequate focus, and what results is nothing but petty anti-male verbal vomits and thoughtless write-ups. As I said before, I don’t hate men and I am really proud that I have male friends who can better understand me when compared to my female pals. All that I look for is living a safer life with self identity, which I think can be easily done without hating men.

We should no more turn a blind-eye to the harm that ‘man hating’ feminists are doing. They keep poisoning many minds, giving away a totally disfigured concept of feminism which would do immense harm beyond repair, tarnishing a genuine movement that the world is in need of.  The typical excuse that “Not all feminists are like that” won’t serve the purpose any more, as it’s nothing but a state of denial.  It’s high time to focus on genuine things and end up all ‘man hating’ campaigns. Hating men won’t make us safe, it won’t make a woman a true feminist, nor will it make our country a better place for women.


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