Appetizing to the eye and the palate

Whenever I have a new issue of Vanitha, my mom’s women’s magazine, I turn the pages swiftly and start looking at those glossy shots of beautifully garnished dishes displayed in the cookery column, as I have a high instinctive attraction towards visually appealing food stuffs, even if they lack nutritious value.   I think food can become increasingly delectable with its incredible looks, which is why I love watching cookery programs on television, to see mouth watering and tempting dishes being prepared and served with incredible perfection. But often we give undue experience to the health benefits of food and thus undermine the relevance of color and smell.  Food can stimulate our digestive juices only with its smell and visual appeal, and I’ve also read that nice smelling and well garnished food can actually aid to proper digestion.

It’s Friday today, and as usual we will have that same old dinner which we call Kanji, and when translated to English can be called a kind of rice soup, rich in nutritious value, tastes average, and takes the last place in looks. To be frank, I don’t hate it, but nor do I love it. Ask me the reason and I will say it’s mainly because of the totally unappealing look and smell, which kills my hunger in no time.

Colour and smell of the food have tremendous effect on my appetite.  Those reds, yellows, and greens excite and entice me a lot, and so I am very much inclined to the food stuffs with incredible looks and smell, the reasons why Kanji fails so badly with its lackluster look and lack of alluring smell. I really don’t mean to offend any ‘Kanji’ lovers out there, but for me, Kanji is one among those dull looking foods that I would prefer when I am left with no other choices.

Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I ‘eat with my eyes first’.  This in no way means I would opt for an expensive meal, just to get a visual delight, as there are many affordable options to have a tempting and scrumptious meal, without becoming a spendthrift. If you ask me about my option for the day, I will have a lip-smacking Dosha with 2 different chutneys and Sambar. What’s different about Dosha when compared to Kanji is its enticing smell and look, and I love having it with tantalizing chutneys that are appetizing to the core.

When served with tea, Dosha would make a perfect dinner, in just thirty rupees, which I think is quite very reasonable, as I take the liberty to have this lavishness only once in a week.


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