Some ‘unreal’ facts on Facebook

There was a time when I was avidly in to Facebooking, and used to take a major share of my day for ‘postings’, ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.  Those crazy days got over when I myself took a much required ‘break’, by deactivating my ‘greatly active’ Facebook account for about a month last year. I felt it good as I was free from the obsession of frequent updations in the quest for maximum likes and comments. When I was back on Facebook, I had almost lost the fascination that prevailed before, and thought of maintaining the account only for the sake of a couple of good friends that I have. Nowadays I don’t post anything other than quotations that I read, as I have almost lost the charm for getting endless likes and comments.

Facebooking is still a kind of fixation for most of the people I know. Right from the moment they get up, till they go to bed, people are always on Facebook, posting updates continuously, giving a meticulous narrative of what they are doing.  I see endless number of posts and pictures getting posted every day, about awesome Sundays, memorable holidays, loving relationships, lasting friendships, cute and cuddly moments, and a lot more, and keep wondering how the world go so immaculately perfect for many people, or are they just too good in PR or self promotion.  I do agree that there will be umpteen blissful moments in our lives, and I am convinced that they happen to many people I know. But all that I can’t digest is seeing people hyping their experiences and making others feel that they are in the zenith of happiness, which I think is not humanely possible.

Yes, we all are happy most of the times, but there are times when we aren’t, and they do happen every day, for all of us. So, by sharing the joyful moments alone, we are just turning a blind eye towards the raw and the real time that are spend in glumness, making mistakes and learning from them. Or are we trying to ‘airbrush’ them to look good as good as real? If so, then that’s just a good PR work, which has nothing to do with reality. Or in short, I believe that there are many people in Facebook who are way too much in to self promotion doing  good PR, instead of being genuine.

I laugh my lungs out seeing the ‘awesome weekend’ messages of many of my friends, especially when I know very well that they might have had the worst possible weekend. At times weekends suck big time, and that has to be accepted. But some people deny the reality, and go on faking things, with shiny happy status updates. I keep wondering what they are trying to prove with these fake messages and updates.
Reading ‘airbrushed’ Facebook updates have now become the part and parcel of my life. I am not saying we should open-up our life to the whole world, but we should at least make sure not to pretend before others and make a fool of ourselves. If there’s nothing worth mentioning, it’s wise to leave the status page blank till there’s something worth posting.


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