I love cartoons

It’s high time to dispel the misconception that cartoons are solely for kids. But I think some people are too serious to understand the amount of happiness that an episode of cartoon or comedy drama can provide. For them, watching ‘something that’s meant for the younger folks’ may look nonchalant and childish. But for the easy goers like me cartoons are the best way to unleash and unwind, especially after a hard day’s work. Whenever I need a break from the mundane office works, animated cartoons, Charlie Chaplin movies, classic comedy-dramas, and comic books help me unwind and relax, with non-stop humor and entertainment that nothing else in the world can provide me. Among them, cartoons come first in the priority list. As you all know, there is a common delusion that people who watch cartoons are childish, but I don’t give a damn. I am thirty plus and ‘still’ enjoy cartoons with the clear-cut realization that there are many people around to scoff at me for watching something that’s meant for folks less than half my age. I have no reply for them and am not at all bothered about their mockery. If someone is really offended seeing me watching cartoons, that’s their problem and not me. To put it shortly, I am well aware that whenever I watch cartoons, I always turn out to be the laughing stock of the world, but fortunately have the thick skin to handle all the rude comments, because I know very well about the depth of happiness and joy that cartoons can provide me. Last Sunday I didn’t have much work to do, and spend almost half of the day watching some hilarious episodes of Tom and Jerry, laughing like crazy. They may not make sense at times, but they do bring in a lot of enjoyment to lighten my mind, and what more do I need?

Be it Tom and Jerry or Scooby-Doo, most of the animated cartoons are eternal and always set an approachable and non-threatening aura, which alleviates my tensions and stress to a great extent. They are short, sweet and to the point, unlike some movies with terrible scripts and ‘beat around the bush’ dialogues that bore me to tears. Unlike those two hour movies with almost half an hour of filler scenes, cartoons last roughly ten or twenty minutes and never fail to give me tremendous amount of humor. They are always different from one another, and are so plain, direct, and simple that I hardly need to rack my brains to decipher their meaning. May be hilariously naive and hysterically exaggerated, but I can keep watching them for hours together and yet not get bored.

On the flip-side I am totally against violent cartoons, and prefer only those simple and cute ones that can get a chuckle out of me.


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