Straight talking

How often do you get straightforward answers from people? In my case, it’s a rarity. I love straightforward talkers, or those ‘rare species’ of humans, which are seldom found these days. Whatever I ask to whomever around, I constantly get elongated and wrongly coiled answers that are hard to decipher, which keeps me wondering why a major share of the world is intensely obsessed about giving ambiguous and foggy replies that would require hours of hard work and patience to get decoded. Instead why don’t they say things straightforward and polite, thus clearing the aura of uncertainty and confusion?

Be it a trivial or a critical question, giving a clear-cut Yes or No answer is never a mammoth task, but a matter of straightforwardness which is yet unknown to many people around. When every question in the world can get dissolved before an uncomplicated reply, wasting time crafting complicated answers is like vehemently making a mess out of those umpteen ‘easy to handle’ situations that one has to come across in life, only to lament later about the ‘unknown’ reason why a manageable situation becomes a whirlwind of complicated and unsolvable problems.

One of the main reasons behind the complicated way of answering is the dangerous overdose of doubtful feelings and unnecessary concerns that veil the clarity one’s thinking, thus hiding the road to frankness. I am not advocating for hasty and blunt replies, but just honest answers that one can give politely, and not carry the guilt of hurting or insulting someone. Words can be razor-sharp at times, but when used wisely, they will hit the right spot, help give frank and clear-cut responses, at the same time leaving the receiver unharmed. Still, ‘beat around the bush answers’ are much preferred than self explanatory replies, the main reason why people often end up in trickier situations that need complex and time-consuming explanations. Straight talking is the need of the hour. When a clear answer can help avoid creating unnecessary misapprehensions, why should one go for a complicated responses that leave nothing but profound ambiguity in the mind of the hearer, only to trigger anger and dejection.

There is not even one question in this world that’s not perfectly tailored for the Yes or No answers, yet many people end up giving illogically elongated replies or the ‘ready-made’ and very commonly used ‘will let you know’ which are nothing but irritating to the core.

Among both, I hate the ‘will let you know’ especially since I’ve been hearing it a lot these days, during the various telephonic interviews that I am attending in the hope of getting ‘stable’ and ‘well paid’ job. Those ‘will let you knows’ never happen in most of the cases and a cold and shattering silence remains, thus augmenting my frustration to a more irritating level. Now I am almost used to getting the ‘will let you know’, and mind has automatically started taking them as ‘No’. Yet I wonder why people are keen on veiling the truth behind the ‘let you know’ response, thus giving me a hope that would shatter in a day or two when the non responsive HR makes me realize that I was told a NO in a discreet way.
One can definitely talk straight and soft with short and clear replies. All that it takes is a few minutes of sensible thinking. Be it an official or a personal reply, be straight and rational, but in a poised way, and I am sure that would definitely turn out good and beneficial in the long run.


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