Needle phobia

Last say I saw a very odd photograph were a well known American socialite was seen with a handful of needles pricked on to her face, as a part of her ‘routine’ beauty treatments. Although she was quoted saying that it was utmost relaxing, and rejuvenated her skin, I was taken aback seeing the amount of needles on her so called ‘relaxed’ face. Pricking all over the face with sharp needles may be relaxing for her and many others out there, but for me it’s would be the most dreadful thing to happen as I do have a phobia for needles, and can’t even stand sight of injection needles and syringes. Needles give me tremendous panic attacks out of the blue, and for this reason I always keep being doubly cautious not to get sick and become a prey to those sharply pointed needles in various lengths.

“Do I have to get a needle shot?”, dad’s very familiar with this dreading question of mine, and he will always make sure to say a pacifying NO in advance, before getting in to the doctors’ clinics every time, fearing the possible ‘war-zone’ that would arise if I see injection needles  . There had been many dramatic instances of panic attacks throughout my life, when I shamelessly screamed and howled my ass off, thus creating many embarrassing moments for my dad who used to patiently hold my hand tightly until the whole ‘injection’ process gets over. Until the latter half of my adult hood I had many such terrible struggles with my needle phobia, and at times used to get terribly hysterical on seeing injection needles that dad and mom used to find it really hard to physically restrain me throughout the ‘injection’ process. By now you all might have got a fair share of idea about my fear for injection needles.

My phobia is neither a fully blown one and nor a mild dread, but an average case of heebie jeebie which gets worse only at the sight of needles. As a part of his efforts to help me get rid of my fear, my dad even tried showing me a lot of pictures and videos , but he has never been completely successful yet, as I still can’t watch the sight of injection needles finding their smooth way into my flesh.

Recently our family doctor asked me to do a thyroid test where my blood sample had to be taken. I was about to yell out a flat refusal, when my dad jumped in and said Yes much to my shock and disbelief. I knew I would faint on seeing the sharp edged needle but had no other choices left. Sadly I agreed to get it done and went in to the lab holding my dad’s hands, only to hide my nerve jangling reactions,  as I never wanted my dad to get more embarrassed due to my silliness. More than the pain, it was the thought and sight of the sharp pointed needle that send chills down my spine, and for this reason I closed my eyes tightly and again held my dad’s hands when I knew that the nurse was coming near to take my blood sample. The whole process lasted less than five minutes and I never opened my eyes due to the immense fear of watching the needle draining out my blood like the (in)famous Count Dracula.

I keep wondering how the celebs agree for Botox treatments and get needles pricked on to their skin, as I don’t think I can ever do that in my life even if I am promised a young(ish) and supple skin.


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  1. Tee hee 🙂 Your phobia reminds me of those babies in the cartoons that i so love to watch who can’t stop howling and squirming seeing the needles 🙂 🙂

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