Why I hate April 1st

I hate April 1st, the very ‘popular’ Fools’ day, and am not a huge fan of the asinine, tricky and irksome April Fool pranks,  unfunny and uncouth most of the times. Of all the sort of holidays that I have all the year round, this is the wackiest and intolerable one, especially when Fools’ day pranks take harsh and cruel turns and end up in gruesome disasters instead of laughter. For me, a new day always means tons of enjoyment, be it big or small, and for this reason hardly have any interest in digging out the best of the pranks, only to go around and fool everyone that I see in front. But I do know a lot of eager pranksters who restlessly wait for this day, to play eerie pranks or cook-up crazy hoaxes, thinking that their ‘efforts’ would make people laugh their heads off.  They are totally wrong because I don’t think I will be able to laugh if I see someone’s with a shocked face wondering at his/her naivety, while the other, or a prankster, laughing meanly and crazily at the success of his/her prank.

I enjoy humor like everyone, but not at the cost of someone’s innocence. A joke or a prank is never funny unless it’s equally enjoyed by all. But nowadays there’s nothing called a loving or likable April Fools’ Day joke/prank, and all that I’ve been finding throughout these years are those rude and nasty ones which are meant to make someone look stupid for believing  what they heard/saw. This is nothing but conceit, and not joke.  So I often spend this day far away from the known and unknown pranksters around, not because I am ‘allergic’ to jokes, but due to fear of the amount of craziness and hurtful intentions behind them, sometimes amounting to annoying me for no reason of mine. It’s shocking but true that many people often don’t make out the fine line between pranks and bullying, instead go around pestering others in the false notion that they are trying to spread humor around. The pranksters may enjoyed the so called ‘intelligently’ created joke, whereas the victims, in most cases, would look dumbstruck and pale in front of others, cursing their credulity. Is being naive bad?  Technically it’s never, but while considering today’s world, nativity may result in unforeseen incidents that often may not have happier endings.  So credulity should be limited to reasonable level, and should be balanced with a bit of suspicion, making sure that one is never vulnerable to some of those intense pranks.

Do we need a day for mean and pointless jokes, a day to go-on fooling around? I know very well that some of you may call me pretentious and snobbish, but I don’t care. People have already crowded me with those names more times that I can ever count. For most of the people around, this day is only meant for the unending exploitation of some of the most gullible ones out there, and for this reason I hate this day, and have never tried to play pranks on anyone around.

There was a time when I used to enjoy the cheery jokes  and pranks of my school mates, but bygone are those days, and now what I fear most on April first is the umpteen number of unfunny & gross pranks that people dig-up for the day, without even thinking about their aftermaths.


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