What was that?

A woman, a man, an animal or an alien of some sort? I looked at the picture more than a couple of times from all the possible angles, and yet failed to understand what exactly the painting in front of me depicted. Embellishing the wall of one of the famous restaurants of the city, the painting was far from meaningful and looked like the presumptuousness of a parochial artist who desperately tried to show-off his ‘scholarliness’.

Seeing me staring at the painting, dad came near to know the reason, and as a reply to his confused looks I asked him to help me understand what the painting was about.  Dad was tired and hungry after a long trip, and gave me a sad look on hearing that he had to interpret the pretentiousness of a pseudo intellectual artist. Seeing him sulk, I had to change my mind. So we both looked at the ‘mysterious’ painting once again and went inside the restaurant were my favorite dishes were eagerly waiting on the neatly arranged table. Even when I came out, I looked back at the painting in another vain effort to know the ‘noble’ intention of the artist. Failing miserably, I sadly left the place, but had the strange painting at the back of my mind and desperately wanted to know what exactly the painting was about. It looked as if someone had carelessly scattered a few geometrical shapes all over the paper, and named it ‘modern art’.

I am not an art critic, but an averagely intelligent art lover,  the reason why I keep racking my brain for hours together and yet fail to decipher the meaning of the ‘multifarious’ modern paintings that I see. An art form that’s far from the understanding of an average man is what I think would be the best definition of modern paintings, as none of them clearly portray what someone can easily decode at the very first look. I always feel that this is deliberately done by the artists, as a part of their longing to make the artworks unique and catchy. Or,  are they just futile efforts to climb up high to get seated besides the old-times masters like Michelangelo and Da Vinci?

Random strokes and random colours splattered here and there, surrounded by un-identical shapes and figures in distorted styles, most of the present day paintings look strange and bizarre, desperately trying to hide inside the hard-shell of modernity. They are often extremely obscure, and for this reason badly fail to come-out and reveal the gist of the message to be conveyed to the viewer. Yet I have seen many self proclaimed art lovers who snobbishly adorn their houses with these so called modern arts, only to make sure that the guests go gaga about their love for art and paintings, and never ask them the possible meaning of the art works that decorate their walls.

Far from being crafty or artistic, most of the modern paintings that I have seen are unrecognizable and look like the exaggerated whims of a group of big-headed and self-proclaimed artists, struggling to get a bit of space for themselves in the history of art.


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